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Are You Trying to Incorporate Real Food? + a Giveaway!

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Jul 17

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As the rise of GMO foods (Read my Non-GMO Food Guide) and unwholesome processed food continues to reign in America’s mainstream food sources, many families are going back to real traditional food as much as possible. My family is one of those families and I hope yours is too.

Let’s go back two years. I was suffering from GERD and uncontrollable acid reflux. I was on the maximum prescription dose and still having horrible break through bouts. I had a scope done of my stomach and esophagus, including a biopsy in two places where the tissue showed signs of acid erosion. Thankfully, they came back benign.

But I realized the only way to get a handle on this before it became cancer was to adjust my diet. I was already considered fit and healthy, but I knew there had to be more I could do. I immediately cut out all forms of soda-pop, coffee, and chocolate. I didn’t eat any potato chips and started immersing myself with real traditional food.

I have re-introduced chocolate sparingly, but I honestly don’t know the last time I’ve had pop. I don’t miss it, at all. It took a few months for that craving to leave. It’s been almost four months since I’ve had to take any form of ant-acid medication on a regular basis.

I firmly believe that adjusting my diet to a traditional real food diet has helped. Did I mention I also lost those last seven pounds from having my daughter? Great side benefit. 🙂 And this is from eating real butter only, raw organic sugar, coconut oil, and whole milk.

In light of all this, I’m super excited to share this bundle e-book sale with you from my affiliate partners Nourished Living Network. Click here to visit Nourished Living Network.
July Nourished Living Network E-Bundle Sale

I’ve followed several of these ladies blogs for quite awhile. I was impressed with not only the ease and drool worthiness of Nourished Cooking, but with her helpful tips on ingredients and storage.

I got especially excited when I read the recipe from Beyond Grain and Dairy for Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers-she had me at bacon wrapped.

Real Food Party Menu has shopping lists included, did I hear my life just got a little easier when planning a party with yummy and healthy recipes? Yep, I did.

And just in time to beat the heat is Just Making Ice Cream. This is an area I’ve not yet ventured, but with over 30 recipes, including sherbet and sorbet, I’ve found the perfect place to incorporate some of my home grown fruit.

Adventures with Kids in the Kitchen is perfect for growing young chefs who will not be dependent on processed box mixes when they move out. They’ll be confident in the kitchen and hopefully make you a meal or two before leaving the nest.

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Are you ready to start your real food adventure?


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And now for some bonuses, the awesome group of Nourished Living Network put together this giveaway package of over $325 in prizes. Check it out!

*Note:I’m not part of the giveaway, just thought there was some prizes you guys might want to go for. Nourished Living Network will be responsible for all aspects of the giveaway and prize delivery ***Contest Closed***
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