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3 Reasons You Should Use Honey + a Giveaway!

By Melissa Norris | Frugal Living

Oct 11

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3 Reasons You Should be Using Honey. Great tips on using honey in baking, food storage,and medicinally. 3 Reasons I love honey and so should you.

Honey is one of those foods every home should have. I’m not talking about the kind in the little bear bottle from the grocery store. Read those labels and it might not even by real honey…

But real honey is one of the items every home should have. Did you know honey has different flavors depending upon where the bees gathered their pollen? I’ve found blueberry blossom honey is my favorite (no, it doesn’t taste like blueberries, but that would be pretty awesome).

1. Honey is non-perishable. One of the items listed in my 8 Foods You Should Be Storing and How is honey because it will last forever. If it hardens or forms crystals, simply place the container in hot water. Once the honey is heated (at a low temp) you can stir it and the crystals will melt.

2. Honey replaces processed sugar. Yep, honey is great to replace processed sugar in your baking and canning. Here’s an article on using honey in your canning recipes. Generally speaking, because honey is sweeter than sugar, you use less honey per sugar ratio when baking. Honey also adds moisture to baked goods. I use honey in my Whole Wheat Buttermilk Bread recipe to increase the moisture. If altering a recipe that called for sugar, try mixing in the honey and cutting back a portion of the liquid. Mix it together and test the texture before adding the full amount of liquid.

3. Honey can be used medicinally. When we get the sniffles and sore throats, there’s nothing more soothing than a cup of hot tea with a good amount of honey. (or as tasty) Honey helps coat the throat and according to this study from the Mayo Clinic, honey appeared to be as effective as over the counter cough suppressants.  You can also make this Ginger Honey for your teas and baking.

Consider this a bonus reason: It plain tastes good! Seriously, when I mix honey into my coffee or tea I like to lick the spoon. Too much info? It’s also quite gorgeous sitting in a jar. I’m a sucker for old-fashioned decorating and eating. You can’t get much  more old-fashioned than something listed in the Bible.

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Coxs Honey-Shelley Idaho Giveaway

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