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Welcome to Pioneering Today

My name is Melissa K. Norris, I'm a 5th generation homesteader and believe everything looks and tastes better when it's in a Mason jar. This is the place where chickens lay eggs in the backyard, gardens are filled with organic and heirloom plants, seeds are saved, bread is baked from scratch, Mason jars line the pantry, and food is cooked in a cast iron skillet. 

I believe everyone should and can grow some of their own food, meals are best when made from scratch, and the world would be a happier and better place if more folks took the time to do a little of each. I think both our bodies and souls are nourished from spending time outdoors.

Not only do I believe this, but through this website, courses inside the Pioneering Today Academy, the top-ranked Pioneering Today Podcast, YouTube channel and thriving Facebook community, over 200,000 simple living souls are embracing their pioneer roots and creating homesteads all over the globe every single month.

With inspiration, practical how-to's, step-by-step tutorials, I give you the clear steps to create the garden, pantry, kitchen and life you want for your family and homestead.

Hand Made: the Modern Guide to Made-from-Scratch Living

Create a modern homestead kitchen and herb garden. In this step-by-step guide, Melissa shares simple but proven tips using traditional methods to make your own cultured sourdough, ferment vegetables, bread making, simple cast iron skillet suppers, herbal salves and balms, soap, beeswax candles and more.

From the first page to the last you'll find food made from scratch, great-grandma’s wisdom handed down along with traditional forms of food preservation, and Mason jars stuffed with herbs and spices flavor not only your food, but your natural medicine cabinet as wel to help you turn your home into a haven, a place of rest in a frantic world, a place where relationships can be built and where love spills out of the kitchen

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