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The Pioneering Today Podcast (The Homesteading Podcast)

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Episode #198 9 Garden Hacks to do This Fall for a Better Garden Next Year

Episode #197 5 Tips to Harvest Herbal Flowers for Medicinal Purposes

Episode #196 9 Tips to Prepare for Emergencies and Winter on the Homestead

Episode #195 5 Tips to Reduce Siphoning and Liquid Loss in Home Canning Jars

Episode #194 8 Tips on How to Cure Onions for Storage (Part 2)

Episode #193 How to Harvest Onions for Long Term Storage (Part 1)

Episode #192 Pole Bean Growing Guide When to Pick Pole Beans for Eating, Shelling & Seed

Episode #191 What to Plant in August for Fall & Winter Crops

Episode #190 Canning in Electric Pressure Cookers & Other Pressure Canning Questions

Episode #189 5 Tips on How to Avoid Overwhelm on the Homestead

Episode #188 Best Way to Water Vegetable Garden-Increase Harvest & Eliminate Disease

Episode #187 How to Make Money Homesteading – Earning a Living from Your Homestead with Todd from Sustainable Simple Living Family

Episode #186 How to Design a Cottage Garden Forgotten Medicinal & Edible Plants with Carolyn from Homesteading Family

Episode #185 How to Store Home Canned Food Safely – Jar Stacking & Canning Rings

Episode #184 Tips for Home Food Preservation – Seasonal Preserving Each Month

Episode #183 Off Grid Living: What You Need to Know with Doug and Stacy

Episode #182 8 Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses for Growing an Herbal Tea Garden

Episode #181 5 Tips to Maximize Your Garden Yield & Beat Overwhelm

Episode #180 10 Tomato Growing Tips – Secrets to Disease Free Tomatoes & Larger Crops

Episode #179 How to Start Beekeeping – Natural Beginner Beekeeping

Episode #178 Natural Weed Control & Heirloom Flowers in the Garden

Episode #177 Traditional Fire Cider Recipe & Benefits Guide with Rosemary Gladstar

Episode #176 Urban Homesteading – Tips for Small Space Self-Sufficiency How to Homestead on less than 1/10th of an Acre

Episode #175 Best Way to Germinate Seeds – How to Germinate Seeds Faster

Episode #174 How Much Time Per Week to Raise a Year’s Worth of Food

Episode #173 Traditional Cooking Tips to Get Homemade Food On Your Table Every Day

Episode #172 Spring Gardening Tips to Increase Harvest Yield

Episode #171 10 Unique Heirloom Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden and Homestead

Episode #170 6 Tips to Prepare for a Snow Storm or Emergency on the Homestead

Episode #169 5 Tips to Starting an Orchard & Growing Fruit On Your Homestead

Episode #168 How to Use Herbs & Natural Remedies at Home

Episode #167 8 Medicinal Plants You Need to Add to Your Garden This Year

Episode #166 5 Tips On How to Get Started with Sourdough

Episode #165 How to Meal Plan 8 Tips for Easy From Scratch Meals

Episode #164 14 Things You Must Do for Your Best Homesteading Year in 2019

Episode #163 Holiday Decluttering Tips for Homesteaders Get Organized Before Gardening Season!

Episode #162 12 Baking Substitutions Every Homesteader Needs to Know

Episode #161 Best Flour for Baking– Home Baker’s Flour Guide 101

Episode #160 5 Secrets to a Stress Free Homemade Christmas

Episode #159 Our Biggest Homestead Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Episode #158 Grow More Food w/ These 5 Fall Gardening Tips

Episode #157 8 Tips for Seasonal Living  – Homestead Fall Preserving

Episode #156 Cast Iron & Dutch Oven Outdoor Campfire Cooking

Episode #155 Batch & Freezer Cooking – 12 Time Saving Tips for Homemade Meals

Episode #154 What to Consider When Purchasing a Homestead

Episode #153 How Do You Know If a Canning Recipe is Safe? How to tell and what to do when someone isn’t following updated safe canning practices

Episode #152 6 Tips to Creating a Successful Homestead Business Part 2

Episode #151 How to Make Money Homesteading– Earning a Income from Your Land Part 1

Episode #150 8 Old-fashioned Tips to Stay Cool in Summer Naturally

Episode #149 How to Pick the Best Preserving Method + Favorite Recipes/Tutorials from Two Homesteaders for the Price of One (okay, it’s all free but ya get my meaning, double the fun!)

Episode #148 How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer Without Electricity 8 Old-fashioned Pioneer Tips

Episode #147  Home Food Preservation- Preserving Plan for a Year’s Worth of Food

Episode #146 Time Saving Tips in the Garden Get More Harvest with Less Work

Episode #145 Fermentation for Health Benefits & Food Preservation

Episode #144 Keeping a Family Milk Cow– 8 Things You Need to Know

Episode #143 Tips for Homesteading Off-Grid & Living w/out a Fridge or Running Water

Episode #142 Edible & Medicinal Weeds in Your Backyard– How to Harvest, Cook & Preserve Them

Episode #141 14 Homestead Kids Kitchen Tips for Stress Free Meal Times

Episode #140 13 Tips to Work with the Land & Weather You Have to Grow Your Own Food

Episode #139 Using Chickens in the Garden 13 Things You Need to Know for Success

Episode #138 12 Tips to Declutter & Organize Your Homestead with 100-year-old pioneer strategies

Episode #137 Natural Homemade Cleaner Recipes 17 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Episode #136 5 Gardening Myths on Raising a Years Worth of Food

Episode #135 How to Test Soil Ph & Mistakes to Avoid When Amending Acidic or Alkaline Soil – Part 2

Episode #134 6 Natural Fertilizers to Improve Your Garden Soil & Increase Your Harvest with Healthier Plants – Part 1

Episode #133 Best Real Food & Food Storage Deals from Unlikely Sources to Save You Time and Money

Episode #132 Perennial Plants to Increase Food Production with Less Time

Episode #131 Homesteading for Beginners- 9 Transition Tips from City Life

Episode #130 The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide- Planning, Starting & Mistakes to Avoid

Episode #129 7 Tips to Organize & Build Your Homestead Food Storage & Kitchen 

Episode #128 What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Healthy & Cut Out Sugar Part 3 a seasonal & ancestral look at eating naturally and with Keto

Episode #127 How to Find Your Trigger Foods – Part 2 of Healing Your Stomach Naturally

Episode #126 How to Heal Stomach Acid Naturally– My story, how I got off of taking prescription stomach acid medications Part 1

Episode #125 Homemade Maple Syrup Guide – How to Tap, Make Syrup & Baking Tips using a natural sweetener, including making maple cream and maple sugar!

Episode #124 How to Plan Your Best Garden & Harvest for a Years Worth of Food

Episode #123 How to Feed a Family of 4 on $82.50 a Week with Organic Chicken & Real Food Sides without Coupons

Episode #122 6 Tools to Save Time & Money in Your Homestead Kitchen

Episode #121 Traditional Thanksgiving Foods & Recipes Starting from 1621

Episode #120 Grinding Flour and Beyond- The Homesteader’s Guide to a Home Mill

Episode #119 How to Make Soap at Home- Beginners Guide to Soap Making

Episode #118 Time & Budget Saving Tips from the Great Depression & this Homesteader’s Kitchen

Episode #117 12 Tips to Get Your Homestead Ready for Winter Now (from Livestock to the Garden and the House)

Episode #116 5 Tips on Cutting Your Debt & My Story on Quitting My Day Job

Episode #115 5 Tips from the Pioneers to Increase Self-Sufficiency

Episode #114 Dear Forbes, Homesteading and Self-Reliance is a Myth?

Episode #113 How to Make Homemade Soap with all Natural Ingredients and Color Guide

Episode #112 Is Your Jam & Jelly Recipe Safe– Q&A on Home Canning Jam & Jelly

Episode #111 Ancient Grain Einkorn– Health and Baking Guide

Episode #110 The Truth About Essential Oils & How to Stay Safe

Episode #109 7 Natural Cough and Cold Remedies that Work

Episode #108 Natural Remedies and Bug Repelling Recipes

Episode #107 A Pioneer Kitchen-100-year-old kitchen tools every home should still be using today

Episode #106 Raising Baby Chicks– Complete Guide for the First 6 Weeks

Episode #105 Growing Herbs for the Kitchen 5 Easy Herbs for Containers You Should be Growing

Episode #104 Permaculture Gardening-Beginners Guide 9 Easy Tips to Implement Today

Episode #103 5 Tips to Decide What Crops are Worth the Time and Money Behind the Scenes on Our Homestead and Decisions

Episode #102 Best Seed Starting Container Choices and Tips

Episode #101 5 Tips to Add Hours to Your Week that Actually Work

Episode #100 What’s the Real Cost of Raising A Garden Part 1 + a Giveaway

Episode #99 8 Tips for Cutting Out Sugar for Long Term Success

Episode #98 5 Historical Christmas Foods from 100 Years Ago

Episode #97 5 Frugal Homemade Homestead Gifts aka From Scratch Recipes in Mason Jars

Episode #96 How to Make an Old-Fashioned Evergreen Wreath how to decorate your home like the pioneers, by using what’s already on your land and in your home

Episode #95 5 Tips to an Old-Fashioned Frugal Homestead Christmas

Episode #94 How to Make Homemade Extracts 6 Different Recipes and Ingredient Tips

Episode #93 5 Homesteading Skills that Will Save You Money

Episode #92 How to Make Saltwater Brine Fermented Pickles

Episode #91 How to Make Easy Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar + troubleshooting and use tips for a natural home and health remedies

Episode #90 5 Hidden Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products and How they Affect Your Body

Episode #89 8 Tips to Getting It All Done Keeping Sane During Harvest and Preserving

Episode #88 Is Home Canning Really Worth It? Discover the true cost of both time and money involved.

Episode #87 10 Life Lessons from the Amish and Mennonite  Live interview with plain living expert

Episode #86 9 Money Mistakes Even Frugal People Make and How to Get Back on Track Homesteading Style

Episode #85 How to Dry Cure Meat at Home Pioneer Food Preservation

Episode #84 Best Plants for Companion Planting and Preserving Secrets to Natural Pest Control

Episode #83 How Much to Plant for a Years Worth of Food

Episode #82 Create Edible Landscaping-Forgotten Plants

Episode #81 17 Self-Sufficiency Lessons from the 1940’s & Great Depression (Interview with my Dad)

Episode #80 5 Life Lessons from the Great Depression & Tomato Crep Recipe

Episode #79 How to Raise Ducks for Eggs & The Top Pick for Preparedness & Homesteading

Episode #78 10 Tips to Raise Chickens Like the Pioneers w/ Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily

Episode #77 Boost Your Immune System Naturally with this Old-Fashioned Food

Episode #76 Best Vegetables for Small Spaces & Self-Sufficiency

Episode #75 Tips to Successfully Growing Your Own Food

Episode #74 Why We Need Bigger Faith & Goals for Successful Homesteading

Episode #73 Frugal Mixes that Cost Less than a $1 and can be made from Food Storage

Episode #72 9 Ways to Have a Frugal Pioneer Christmas

Episode #71 5 Frugal Tips from Ma Ingalls and the Pioneers

Episode #70 10 Tips on Storing Vegetables Without a Root Cellar Long Term

Episode #69 8 Lessons Learned Eating Only From Food Storage for 14 Days

Episode #68 7 Things Our Great-Grandparents Did Better Than Us

Episode #67 7 Herbs for Natural Remedies Your Grandparents Used

Episode #66 5 Rules for Foraging Wild Edibles  +25 Wild Edible Plants

Episode #65 11 Ways to Cook Off-Grid without Power

Episode #64 Why You Should Grind Your Own Flour & Choosing A Mill

Episode #63 6 Canning Myths You Must Know

Episode #62 4 Ways to Store & Purify Water at Home

Episode #61 8 Items You Need in Your Car

Episode #60 4 Ways to Make Money Homesteading When You’re Broke

Episode #59 10 Ways to Afford Homesteading When You’re Broke

Episode #58 10 Troubleshooting Tips for Traditional Jam Making Part 2

Episode #57 Old-Fashioned Traditional Jam Making Part 1

Episode #56 Preserving Rhubarb and Spring Canning

Episode #55 7 Reasons to Cook with Solar Power in a Sun Oven

Episode #54 How to Safely Convert Canning Recipes & Safety Tips

Episode #53 7 Time Saving Tips when Cooking from Scratch

Episode #52 7 Foods to Grow at Home and Never Buy from the Stores Again

Episode #51 How to Grow Fruit Trees 

Episode #50 6 Tips to Avoid Food Storage Mistakes (week 2 of spring cleaning the homestead)

Episode #49 Spring Cleaning the Homestead Challenge

Episode #48 How to Make Bone Broth & 5 Ways to Preserve it at Home

Episode #47 7 Tips to Spending Less and Living the Good Life

Episode #46 10 Frugal and Healthier Ingredient Swaps

Episode #45 6 Great Depression Era Money Saving Tips w/ Potatoes

Episode #44 7 Great Depression Era Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget

Episode #43 8 Ways to Preserve Pumpkin at Home

Episode #42 Grinding Your Own Flour + 6 Fresh Flour Baking Tips

Episode #41 6 Fall Canning Recipes and Tips

Episode #40 8 Depression Era Tips to Save Money Now

Episode #39 Building a Great Depression Era Pantry Frugal Recipes and Tips

Episode #38 Fall Garden Prep 10 Tips to Improve Your Soil Now

Episode #37 10 Tips for Creating a Budget

Episode #36 Seed Saving- How to Save Your Garden Seed

Episode #35 Pressure Canning Like a Pro + Time Saving Tips

Episode #34 Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden

Episode #33 Make Homemade Jams and Jellies like a Pro

Episode #32 10 Tips for Organic Gardening and Pest Control

Episode #31 6 Ways to Preserve Food at Home

Episode #30 Raising Backyard Chickens for Meat

Episode #29 Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs

Episode #28 Direct Sow Your Garden Seed

Episode #27 Building Your Own Home Food Storage Part 2

Episode #26 Off Grid Cooking with Dutch Ovens

Episode #25 Build Your Home Food Storage Part 1

Episode #24 10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Food

Episode #23 Raising Your Own Grass Fed Beef

Episode #22 Foraging Wild Edibles Morel Mushrooms and Nettle Leaf

Episode #21 Surviving the Winter Months with Home Canning Featuring The Canning Diva Diane Devereaux

Episode #20 Starting Seeds Indoors Winter Gardening Series

Episode #19 Healthy Processed Food Options that Double for Food Storage

Episode #18 Garden Planning in Winter

Episode #17 Clearing Out the Clutter

Episode #16 4 Things To Do Now Before the Holidays

Episode #15 Holiday Traditions

Episode #14 Holiday Processed Replacements Part 3

Episode #13 Processed Replacements Part 2

Episode #12 Processed Replacements Part 1

Episode #11 Keeping GMO’s Out of Your Food

Episode #10 Preparedness Tips Part 2

Episode #9 Preparedness Tips Part 1

Episode #8 Fascinating World of Bees Part 2

Episode #7 Fascinating World of Bees Part 1 & Honey Giveaway

Episode #6-Canning 101 including 7 Canning Recipes

Episode #5-Kicking Chemicals and Processed Foods Out of your Kitchen

Episode #4 Vinegar-The Most Versatile Product In Your Home

Episode #3 Intro to Heirloom Seeds

Episode #2 GMO 101 What’s In Your Food?

Episode #1 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food 

There you go, every single modern homesteading podcast episode of the Pioneering Today Podcast. Which was your favorite?