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Sep 12

Ultimate Guide to Fermented Vegetables: What You Need to Know

By Melissa Norris | Fermenting , Food Preservation

Jars of fermented asparagus and sauerkraut.

Fermentation dates back thousands of years and has been a way of preservation in households for generations. It’s much easier than you might expect and creates a delicious and healthy probiotic-rich food, snack, or condiment. Here’s everything you need to know about fermented vegetables. Fermented vegetables (and other fermented foods) can seem off-putting if you’ve […]

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Aug 24

Fermented Pickles – Quick & Easy Old-Fashioned Recipe

By Melissa Norris | Fermenting , Food Preservation , Healthy Snacks , Miscellaneous , Podcast , Recipes

A half gallon and a pint jar filled with fermented pickles sitting on the counter.

Ever needed a fermented pickle recipe? Yes, the answer is yes. These garlic and dill pickles are naturally fermented and result in a salty and sour pickle that’s both crunchy and reminiscent of a classic old-fashioned deli pickle. Unlike water-bath canned pickles made with vinegar, these are fermented in a saltwater brine and boast healthy […]

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Aug 18

Canned Tomato Sauce Recipe (+ Water-bath & Pressure Canning)

By Melissa Norris | Canning Recipes , Food Preservation , Food Preservation - Canning , Pressure Canning , Recipes , Water Bath

Jars of canned tomato sauce on a countertop.

Home-canned tomato sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes may as well be an entirely new product as there is no comparison to store-bought. It’s incredibly easy to make and you can water bath or pressure can it for long-term food storage. Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial for my favorite canned tomato sauce recipe and enjoy it spiced […]

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