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5 Preparedness Tips You Need to Do Now

By Melissa Norris | Homestead-Life

Sep 22

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Being prepared is something a lot of folks think about after the fact, or when you watch a news clip about a disaster somewhere else. Preparedness is a lifestyle for us, and not because we’re getting ready for some type of Doomsday disaster.
I believe in being prepared for more likely events, like long power outages (we went almost 2 weeks a few years back), extreme weather, financial hardships, or being unable to get to grocery stores. Plus, I enjoy learning traditional skills and merging my modern life with that of the pioneers.

In honor of this amazing giveaway we have going on, like I want  half of  okay, everything listed. Here’s my 5 preparedness tips you need to implement now.

1. Create a food storage of some type. Not sure where to get started or feel overwhelmed? Here’s are my 8 Foods You Should Be Storing and How. 

2. Make sure you have means of cooking your food without power, 11 Ways to Cook Off-Grid Without Power will get ya started, and also be sure you have a way to heat your home. We use a wood stove and it also provides us with a means to cook, but figure out someway, even if it’s lots of layers of clothes and blankets, to keep warm.

3. Have water or a means of getting clean water. Seriously, this is an area most of us could do better. Have you ever tried to go without turning on the faucet for a full day? It’s a good thing to practice to see how much water we use and a means of making you up your water plan. The Berkley in the giveaway is a great way to get started.

4. Have a light source. In the winter months especially, you’ll need some way to see once the sun goes down. We keep an oil lamp and oil on hand as it doesn’t require batteries or light bulbs to be replaced. It puts off more light than a candle. Bonus, it looks super cool as part of our rustic vintage decor too. Here’s the lamp we have this exact model Lamplight 110 Chamber Lamp

5. Know Jesus. This is going to make some of you mad or be like, what, seriously? And yes, seriously. We can be prepared as we want, but fact is, we’re all going to die. Most likely, we won’t know when. After going through a deadly mudslide in our neighboring town I believe Jesus should be our number one preparedness priority, because we can’t plan when we die, only where we’ll go. 

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