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Easy Mint Water Recipe & Benefits

By Melissa Norris | Miscellaneous

Jun 30

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Mint Water is my new obsession you guys. What’s not to love about a drink you can make in less than a minute and literally, all of it is harvested straight from my homestead. Oh, plus, for those of us who don’t drink soda pop (or those who are trying to stop, and I’m so happy you’re moving that way) drinking nothing but plain water all day can get kind of, well… boring.

When I first quit drinking pop (yes, I hang my head to say I was a total diet soda drinker for years) I had a hard time not reaching for something sweet in the afternoon. But I knew my health depended upon kicking that habit, and I can now say I’ve not drank soda pop for almost a decade.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re not always hot, but last weekend we moved close to the hundred degree Fahrenheit mark. And yes, I totally wilted. Wouldn’t you know the air conditioning in my husband’s truck went out that week, too? And air conditioning in the house, forget about it, I’ve never lived in a house with air conditioning.Glass with iced mint cooler and a straw. Text overlay says, "Easy Mint Cooler Recipe".


Mint water benefits:

  1. You can grow it yourself. Mint does best in a pot because it tends to spread, which means just about anybody can grow it!
  2. Mint helps aid digestion. So you can sip away and help your guts at the same time. (Note: if you suffer from indigestion peppermint can relax the sphincter muscle, which helps keep the contents of your stomach away from your esophagus, making heart burn or GERD worse).
  3. Mint is cooling. Adding it to your water makes for the perfect cooling drink on a hot summer day.

Mint water is so easy it really doesn’t require a recipe, but here’s how I make mine.

Just like this easy herbal drink, the simple things in life are often the best. Mason jars up!

How to make mint water at home

3 to 4 mint leaves

ice cubes


4 to 6 drops Stevia extract (optional)

Rinse the mint leaves and roll them between your fingers to crush the leaves and release the mint oil. Place in a clean Mason jar, add ice, drop in a few drops of Stevia extract if using, cover with cold water and sip and enjoy.

Easy peasy!

The Stevia extract is totally optional, but makes it taste more like a “soda pop” without the sugar. And if I hadn’t killed my Stevia plant, I could have used Stevia leaves instead of purchasing an extract. But this brand of Stevia extract is my pick because it doesn’t have that bitter after taste.

Do you make summer mint water or any other homemade beverages?


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