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Nov 29

Homemade Spice Mixes and Herb Blends for Gift Giving + Free Printable Tags

By Andrea Sabean | Crafts , Frugal Living , Homestead Life , Miscellaneous , Recipes

Homemade spice mixes and herb blends are much cheaper than store bought versions. Plus, you know exactly what’s in them and what isn’t. Are you looking for an easy, budget-friendly gift idea that you can make yourself? Making your own herb and spice blends only takes a few minutes and they make great gifts. Presented […]

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Oct 13

Fermented Pickle Recipe Old-fashioned Saltwater Brine Pickles

By Melissa Norris | Fermenting , Food Preservation , Healthy Snacks , Miscellaneous , Podcast , Recipes

Ever needed a fermented pickle recipe? Yes, the answer is yes. Fermented pickles are really just old-fashioned salt and water pickles, something your great-grandma knew how to make and had barrels full of fermenting pickles in a crock. They have a trendy name today as fermented foods are quickly becoming popular again, but they’re really […]

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Jul 15

Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe

By Amy Maus | Miscellaneous , Recipes

A homemade barbecue sauce recipe made from ingredients in your pantry, especially homemade canned goodness, is high on my list of must have. I’ve made several different variations, but when I saw Amy had incorporated both flavored vinegar and homemade fruit butter… I might have started drooling. This is definitely a barbecue sauce recipe you’ll […]

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