Pioneering Today-Dutch Oven Chicken Vegetable Bake Recipe - Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today-Dutch Oven Chicken Vegetable Bake Recipe

By Melissa Norris | Main Dish

Jun 13

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Do you ever struggle to find a quick throw together meal that tastes good and is nutritious? This is one of my favorites whether we’re at home or out camping. Here’s my recipe from our Saturday night Dutch oven cooking competition. (tutorial on how to cook with a Dutch Oven over an open fire) It was a tie in case you’re wondering who won.Dutch Oven Chicken Veggie Bake

This recipe is easily adaptable to whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand, making it different for each season. Because like a true pioneer, we try to use what’s in our garden, right? Food tastes better when it’s fresh and not shipped and refrigerated half way around the world, just one of the many benefits of a garden for body and soul.

For ease of clean up while we’re camping( less available water) I line my Dutch oven with aluminum foil, parchment paper works well too if you’re not keen on aluminum foil. Chop all of your vegetables approximately the same size so everything can cook evenly.

Here’s the basic recipe and feel free to swap out the veggies.

Dutch Oven Chicken Vegetable Bake

2 small sliced zucchini (I used one yellow squash and one zucchini)

1 diced onion

3 cloves minced garlic

2 bell peppers (I prefer one red and one green)

2 or 3 small to medium red potatoes

2 cut up boneless skinless chicken breasts

Sprinkle with sea salt, pepper, and your favorite dried herb mix.

Toss all of this in your Dutch oven and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake until everything is done, stirring half way through. Approximately 45 minutes in the Dutch oven or at 400 degrees in the regular oven. It’s crispier in the regular oven, but still delicious in the Dutch oven.

We served this with garlic bread (using no knead 5 minute a day bread), but I think it would be tasty in tortillas as well.

Do you enjoy cooking over the campfire? What’s your favorite camping memory?



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