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Jul 30

How to Can Apricots- Easy Canned Apricots Recipe

By Lisa Barthuly | How to articles , Preserving the Harvest , Recipes

 FREE Syrup Canning ChartControl the amount of sugar in your home canned fruit with our easy chart.Ratio for ultra-light syrup, light, medium-light, medium and using honey.Amount of syrup for how many jars for quick calculationGET INSTANT ACCESS Learning how to can apricots was the first canning I ever did. It was a fantastic introduction. Quick. Easy. […]

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Oct 13

Fermented Pickle Recipe Old-fashioned Saltwater Brine Pickles

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Podcast , Preserving the Harvest , Recipes

Fermented pickles are really just old-fashioned salt and water pickles, something your great-grandma knew how to make and had barrels full of fermenting pickles in a crock. They have a trendy name today as fermented foods are quickly becoming popular again, but they’re really the same thing as a salt water brine pickles. Fermented foods […]

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