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Why I’m Not Afraid of the Dark Anymore

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Jun 24

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I have a confession to make. I used to be horribly afraid of the dark. Not just as a child, but as an adult into my twenties.

When I was little, I always wanted to sleep with a night light on. Blessedly, my mother didn’t mind this and even kept a night light on in the bathroom.

I never wanted to go outside alone after dark. I hated looking out windows at night that didn’t have blinds or curtains, especially when all I could see was my own reflection and not what was beyond the glass.When we fear the dark, we forget to shine Jesus's light. www.melissaknorris.com

My bed was always laden down with stuffed animals. And every night I lined them up along the outside edge of the mattress. If anything tried to grab me, they’d get a stuffed animal first.

If I had to get out of bed during the night to use the bathroom, I did a running jump to get back in the covers. Who knew what might reach out and grab my ankle?

As an adult, I tried to reason with myself. I tried praying. I tried ignoring it. But the fear was still there, waiting to appear when I’d almost fallen asleep. When my guard was down and slumber slipped in.

I knew spiritual warfare was at play. I rebuked the enemy, the fear, asked God to send His angels, but it never completely alleviated the fear.

Then I started reading my Bible on a daily basis. And I read this verse.

You shall fear only the LORD your God; and you shall worship Him and swear by His name. (American Standard Version) Deuteronomy 6:13

Of course I’d heard this verse before.

But in the dark of the night, when my fears started to rise with the hairs on my arm, this verse marched through my mind.

And with it, came sweet freedom.

I want you to think about this for a moment. I want you to say it aloud, “I will fear only the Lord my God, and nothing else. When I give into the fear, I’m not worshiping Him.” Tweet this

Recently, I was asked to write for a non-Christian publication. A lot of their content I agreed with, but there were a few things I absolutely did not. I considered not following through with the offer.

But then God re-affirmed this message to me. We’re to be His light in the darkness. We’re to worship Him and I will only fear not following His teaching. We are to lead those in the dark into the light of salvation through Jesus Christ, and we can’t do this if we’re afraid of the dark.

Your dark might not be literal, as mine was, but we all have a dark.

Whatever your dark is, I pray that you accept the freedom Jesus offers today, and you’ll be like me, not afraid of the dark anymore.

Where you ever afraid of the dark? What fears has Jesus set you free from?


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