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When You Want to Feel God’s Presence

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Jul 20

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Do you ever long to feel the presence of God? To feel His touch as surely as the sun upon your skin?

I know God is faithful, I know His promises in the Bible are true, no matter if I feel Him or not. But sometimes, I want to feel Him. 

The past few weeks have stretched me thin, like the fabric of my favorite sweat pants I’ve worn since my junior year of high school. Let’s say they don’t just have years on them, but a decade… and more.

Matters of money, guilt, questioning of decisions, strained relationships, all have weighed on my shoulders. I found my fingers turning the page of my Bible in order to sleep at night. Prayers left my lips more often than normal.

And God reminded me the things of this world don’t really matter. His love, His sacrifice on the cross, my sharing of His love, my serving Him, those things matter. Those are the things I should allow to press against my mind.

After church I put in my head phones, laced up my sneakers, and pushed my legs into the old familiar pace of running. It’s been months, perhaps longer, since my lungs have burned and my blood has surged through my muscles as I slap my feet against the gravel of our road.

My favorite worship songs pumped into my heart, the beats of praise pushed a faster rhythm than I’d choose on my own. Dark rain clouds swelled in the west. Snippets of sun struggled over the ridge to the east. The breeze flexed her muscles, flirting with becoming gusty.

Sweat poured. My favorite part of the run is the last leg, when I get walk the last few yards up our driveway to cool down.

The last few lines of the song echoed through my ears. Sweet love of mine, I have surrendered to your design.

The wind soared, filling with the breath of grace. It washed over me, surrounded me, pulsed through me, the presence of God.

Like the mighty wind on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled me to the brim. Tears pricked my eyes. Yes, Jesus. I’m yours.

I lifted my face and closed my eyes. Wind whispered through my hair, a caress and promise, I am here.

If you’re needing to feel the presence of God, I urge you to seek Him. He is there, even when we can’t see Him and He will meet you in ways we’d never imagine.



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