Podcast Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising Backyard Chickens

By Melissa Norris | Chickens

Jun 27

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Raising backyard chickens provides you with your own fresh eggs and helps with your preparedness and self-reliance.Raising backyard chickens. Love the tips on what to expect, pros and cons of free range chickens, and reasons to buy laying hens. Let's start a raising your own food revolution!

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In this episode we’ll discuss the pros and cons of starting your flock from chicks or laying hens.

  • Where to get chicks
  • How to care for chicks
  • Ways to find laying hens
  • To free range or not?
  • Chicken tractors
  • How to protect your free range chickens
  • Pros and cons of free range chickens
  • What to expect from free range chickens
  • Cost of feed and GMO-free options
  • How to train your chickens
  • Egg care, washing, storage, and preserving
  • How to test if an egg is good or bad


5 Tips to Raising Backyard Chickens

Beginners Guide to Natural Chicken Care

How to Preserve Your Eggs with Oil

How to Pickle Eggs

Soy and Corn Free Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe

Here’s a picture of our chicken tractor and coop

Repurposed chicken tractor and coop. Learn how to raise backyard chickens

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