Never Stop Praying for the Prodigal - Melissa K. Norris

Never Stop Praying for the Prodigal

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Jun 03

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God works in ways that I can’t begin to understand. And while sometimes that frustrates me, most times, I’m incredibly grateful. I wouldn’t want to follow and worship a god that I had completely figured out. God always hears our prayers and sees each of us.

I had one of those frustrating moments a few nights ago. One of those busy weeks, where things are off and more things than normal crammed into our schedule, a stressful phone call, and I was two breaths away from crying. I debated whether or not to attend my ladies Bible study. There were 3 loads of laundry, a counter full of dishes, articles due, and lot’s of sticky things littering my floors.

But I decided to go anyways. We shared with each other things or situations that bothered us. With tears choking my voice, I said, “Sometimes I wonder why I pray for my brother. After all these years of asking God to bring him to sobriety, I feel like there’s no point in continuing to pray, but I keep praying anyways.” (You can read the story of how God used my brother’s addiction to convict me and the beginning of the story here)

And then I went to church this Sunday. My brother was in attendance and he asked for prayer to keep him walking with God.

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

Our prayers never go unheard. They may not be answered how or when we want, but our Lord hears them. Tweet this

I don’t know what prayers you’ve prayed that you feel God hasn’t answered. I don’t know if you’ve felt like giving up on someone. But I’m here to tell you that those prayers have been heard, and God is working on them. They matter. Don’t give up, don’t stop praying.

If you’re struggling with someone, I offer you to put it in the comments. You don’t have to put the situation if you’re not comfortable, but I want to pray over you and your hard spots. Because I know the power of prayer.

I want to see all of us and our loved ones lifted up to the throne of Jesus. Please join me.

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