Does Fasting Help Your Prayers Get Heard? - Melissa K. Norris

Does Fasting Help Your Prayers Get Heard?

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

May 06

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Most people have prayed at sometime in their life, whether their Christian or not. When a horrific or scary situation arises, our lips utter a plea to our Creator. It’s may even be just one word. Jesus.

The one word of Jesus encompasses all we need. It is the answer to every emotion or situation we will encounter.

While at Bible study last week, we were reading through The Power of a Praying® Woman by Stormie Omartian, one line stood out for me. We were reading through the list of 5 weapons to fight the enemy and the 5th one grabbed me. Praying and fasting

I’ve seen the Lord work miracles in my life and in those around me. I’ve felt His power, His healing, His forgiveness, and grace. I’ve prayed on my knees, I’ve prayed in bed, I’ve prayed while going about my day, I’ve prayed out loud, I’ve prayed silently, but I’ve never fasted.

Fasting is simply denying yourself of food or drink, to show faith and as a prayer. There are debates on if you have to water fast (where you only have water), a certain amount of time, one meal, or giving up one thing. I’m not about to answer that question.

But the Bible is very clear that we are to fast. Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights. The prophets and disciples fasted.

So we fasted, and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer. (NIV) Ezra 8:23

This week, I’m giving up coffee. I’m amazed at how much more water I drink, seem to crave even, when I’m not drinking anything with caffeine or sugar.

And with all the water I’m consuming I felt God whisper this to me, “You see how much better plain water is, how your body feels nourished, sated. Imagine how your soul will feel when you fill it with me, the Living Water.” Tweet this

I don’t know if giving up coffee is considered a fast by all, but it’s already showing me more of God.

Have you ever fasted? Did you see or hear from God as a result?

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