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Do You Need Faith That Moves Mountains?

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Feb 03

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I used to think this verse was just a metaphor. Do You Need Faith that Moves Mountains

I’ve certainly never seen a mountain move and I’m surrounded by them on all sides. See that picture above, it was taken from my front yard this weekend. And I’ve never seen it move, no matter how little or how big my faith.

But I’ve learned our lives are full of mountains. Mountains can be many things, sometimes they’re addiction, unsaved loved ones, scars, fresh wounds, miscarriages, infertility, broken relationships, or pride, just to name a few. 

Your mountain may not look like mine. Regardless, we all have mountains.

About five years ago I had to face the fact I didn’t really believe God could deliver people from alcoholism and addictions. I knew the stories in the Bible and I knew that I believed in God, I just didn’t believe He did those kinds of things, or at least, not anymore. He lived in the pages of the Bible; His miracles were parting the Red Sea with Moses, not in today’s world.

At least, that’s what I thought deep down.

And this scared me. Because if I didn’t really believe God was the God today that He was in the Bible days, then how could He save us? If His promises aren’t true today, then what have I believed in my whole life?

I stepped out in faith. I asked God to show Himself to me. I asked Him to meet me and show me that He was real.

I made a decision to believe that He was the God He said He was, that He is I am, not I was. I decided that I’d quit limiting Him with my small faith and see what He could do.

And oh my friend, how He meets us. When you ask God to show up, He does.

When we put our faith to the test, walk out on the edge and ask God, “Meet me here,” He does.

He’s delivered lifelong addicts when I thought they’d go to the grave chained to their addictions. He’s brought healing to areas of my life I never expected or even realized needed healing. Patiently, He continually works on me, sometimes moving whole mountains, and other times, chipping away until it’s gone.

I don’t know what your mountain is, but if you ask God, in true faith, He will move it. It might not be your timing, or the way you expected, but in His timing, in His way, He will do so. And His way, as I’m learning, is always the best.

What mountains has God moved in your life?


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