When we don't feel God's presence

When We Don’t Feel God’s Presence

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

Jun 09

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Have you ever felt distance God? It seems no matter how often you pray or read your Bible you just don’t feel Him close. Oh, my friend, I have been there. I’m there today.We might not always be able to feel God, but that doesn't mean he's not there.

There’s times it seems like God is as distant from me as the stars in the sky. I long for the times when I feel his presence pass over me, when I weep from the sweet glory of his voice in my ear, and the absoluteness of his direction.

And then without warning, it seems I wake up and don’t feel him. I pray. I spend time in scripture. I listen to the praise songs that normally have both hands raised as he sweeps over me. But nothing. Not even a whisper.

What gives?

Our relationship with God isn’t based on a feeling. Yes, we do have moments when we feel him, but he doesn’t want us to follow him based on a feeling. Too many people chase things in this world based on the way it makes them feel. If it makes you happy then you should do it. Ever heard that?

Well, I’m hear to tell ya, God never said do what you want if it makes you happy. He never said follow me so you can be happy.

No. He said follow me so you may have everlasting life. Follow me so you can break free from your chains of sin. Follow me so you can enter into my forgiveness and peace. Follow me so you can have joy.

Happy is based on circumstances, joy is based on faith.

It doesn’t matter if we feel God’s presence, so long as we continue to believe his promises to us in the Bible. He is the I am, the Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Lion of Judah, despite how we may feel at any given time.

I know if I hold onto his truths, believe in his word, and continue to have faith, I will feel his presence. Sometimes I think he just wants to test our faith. To see if we’ll follow him even when we can’t feel him.

I chose to follow him and obey him, even when I can’t feel him. But I long for the moment when he douses me in his holy presence.

Do you ever feel like you can’t feel God?



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