How to Make Homemade Mozzarella in 30 Minutes

Ever wanted to make homemade cheese but don't want to wait for months for it to age? Learn how to make homemade mozzarella in minutes with this easy step by step tutorial.

Ever wanted to learn how to make homemade mozzarella? Score! Me, too. Learning how to make my own from scratch food instead of relying on the grocery store is a huge plus for me and homemade mozzarella in less than 30 minutes, oh my goodness. Not to mention, it's an easy introduction to cheese making. But I've never made it, so I asked my friend Maria to walk us through making homemade mozzarella. Because homesteading folks love to share their knowledge and teach others. Maria- I love, … [Read more...]

Podcast #52 7 Foods to Never Purchase from the Store

Tired of rising grocery prices? These are 7 foods we grow enough of to never purchase from the store. Learn how to begin growing your own groceries! Love the free resource guide.

Would you love never having to buy food from the grocery store again? Or at the very least cut back your grocery bill... like in half? I don't know about you, but every time I pay for groceries I swear they've raised the prices again. I end up spending more and more for less and less in my cart. We do our best to purchase organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, non-GMO foods. But let's be honest, sometimes that can be pretty expensive. I believe it's worth the expense when we can afford it, but … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Raising Livestock for Food

Concerned about our modern food system and the growing cost? Here's 5 tips to what it really takes to raise your own livestock and if it's for you. Read now if you've ever wanted to raise your own food.

Most homesteaders want to begin raising livestock at some point on their homesteading journey. It seems every time I go to the grocery store prices have increased yet again and when listening to the news, there's another outbreak of something in connection to our food. There's a peace of mind and sense of accomplishment when I raise it myself. I know exactly how the animal was cared for, what it ate, and more importantly, what it didn't eat. It's no wonder more and more folks are turning … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Live Like the Pioneers

Ever wanted to live like the Little House books? Here are 8 tips to live like the pioneers and Pa Ingalls from The Little House books. The basic skills are something everyone should know, but fewer people do. Read now to make sure you know these!

One of the reasons I wanted to live like the pioneers was due to Pa Ingalls and The Little House books. He cared for his family and had an adventurous spirit. The Little House on the Prairie® is probably in part responsible for almost all of us modern homesteaders. The idea of being able to live off the land, being self-sufficient, and returning to simpler ways and times holds a certain nostalgia for most. Truth of the matter is this homesteading and pioneering today is hard work. People … [Read more...]

Podcast #51 How to Grow Fruit Trees

Learn how to grow fruit trees. If you ever wanted to grow your own food you'll need these tips to avoid costly mistakes. Learn which varieties you need and how to know which kind is right for your area.

Want to grow your own fruit trees? Today we talk about how to grow fruit trees, how to avoid costly  mistakes with fruit trees, and how to know which fruits are right for your area and when to plant where you live. I post new episodes on Friday mornings. You can subscribe via RSS and receive every episode for free.  or subscribe via Itunes It's party time on the podcast this week as I've got two special co-hosts. Angie is a homesteader from Texas with an awesome tool to help you … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Live Like Little House on the Prairie

Did you ever feel like you were born a century too late? Learn how to use these simple 8 ways to live like Little House on the Prairie today.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was my best friend growing up and I always wanted to live like they did on Little House on the Prairie®. My mother read every night to me from the Little House on the Prairie® books and when I was older, I read through them on my own. We watched the television show and much of my play time was spent pretending I was with Laura running wild in the big woods or through the "prairie" grass of our back pasture. As you may have guessed, my love didn't die as I grew into an … [Read more...]

7 DIY Ways to Compost at Home

7 DIY ways to compost at home. Get your garden soil in the best shape with these easy ways to begin composting at home.

Here's 7 DIY ways to compost at home. Learning how to compost at home is high on the list of home gardeners. Ever heard the term black gold? It's usually in reference to compost and to a gardener, it's as valuable as gold. There are some basic rules to compost, but like most things, everyone has their own twist and advice. The beauty of all things pioneering today and homesteading is suiting it to meet your unique situation, wants, and needs. Composting is the breaking down of natural … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Avoid Food Storage Mistakes

Food storage mistakes can be costly and unnecessary. Read these 6 tips to avoid food storage mistakes and get your food storage organized.

Use these 6 tips to avoid food storage mistakes in week 2 of our Spring Cleaning challenge. Want to know one of the costliest mistakes in food storage?  American's throw out more than $165 billion dollars in food every year. In one year. That amount is staggering. And I'm willing to bet if you and I were honest, we've thrown out more food than we'd like to admit. One of the things I love most about the pioneering today mindset is doing more with less, being wise stewards with what we have, … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Pressure Canner

How to choose the best pressure canner for you. Getting started with pressure canning doesn't have to be scary. Read now to make sure you choose the best pressure canner for your needs.

Knowing how to choose the best pressure canner for you and your family is one of the first step towards becoming more self-sustainable. A pressure canner will help you put up a greater variety of foods to stock your pantry and food storage. I warn you, once you begin to see how many things you can put up and how quickly homemade from scratch meals can be made from home pressure canned foods... well, you might become a canning addict like myself. Many people will tell you a certain brand of … [Read more...]

Build Your Blog Conference 2015-My First Time Flying!!


Guys, I don't even know how to put into words all that the Build Your Blog Conference 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah was to me. I've flown in an airplane once with a group of people pre 9/11 security. This was the first time I'd ever traveled by myself or flown. I'm not a city girl. As in I quite honestly would rather be in the dark out on the side of our mountain knowing there are bears and cougars, than walk down the dark streets of Seattle or any other large city alone. I'll take a moonlight … [Read more...]