6 Tips to Avoid Food Storage Mistakes

Food storage mistakes can be costly and unnecessary. Read these 6 tips to avoid food storage mistakes and get your food storage organized.

Use these 6 tips to avoid food storage mistakes in week 2 of our Spring Cleaning challenge. Want to know one of the costliest mistakes in food storage?  American's throw out more than $165 billion dollars in food every year. In one year. That amount is staggering. And I'm willing to bet if you and I were honest, we've thrown out more food than we'd like to admit. One of the things I love most about the pioneering today mindset is doing more with less, being wise stewards with what we have, … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Pressure Canner

How to choose the best pressure canner for you. Getting started with pressure canning doesn't have to be scary. Read now to make sure you choose the best pressure canner for your needs.

Knowing how to choose the best pressure canner for you and your family is one of the first step towards becoming more self-sustainable. A pressure canner will help you put up a greater variety of foods to stock your pantry and food storage. I warn you, once you begin to see how many things you can put up and how quickly homemade from scratch meals can be made from home pressure canned foods... well, you might become a canning addict like myself. Many people will tell you a certain brand of … [Read more...]

Build Your Blog Conference 2015-My First Time Flying!!


Guys, I don't even know how to put into words all that the Build Your Blog Conference 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah was to me. I've flown in an airplane once with a group of people pre 9/11 security. This was the first time I'd ever traveled by myself or flown. I'm not a city girl. As in I quite honestly would rather be in the dark out on the side of our mountain knowing there are bears and cougars, than walk down the dark streets of Seattle or any other large city alone. I'll take a moonlight … [Read more...]

7 Steps to a Clutter Free Kitchen (Week 1 Old-Fashioned Spring Cleaning Series)

Tired of a messy cluttered house? 7 steps to a clutter free kitchen in easy to follow steps. Don't feel overwhelmed, but clear the clutter for good. Join us for our 6 week old-fashioned spring cleaning challenge!

Our spring cleaning challenge begins in the kitchen. I'd say besides the bathroom, the kitchen is the most used room in our home. It also tends to be the place we dump everything when we come in the door. Needless to say, it gets quite a bit of clutter... and grime. It's hard to get the enthusiasm to cook if you know you need to clean the kitchen before you even begin. If your kitchen is clean and tidy, it's much easier to get excited about going in and preparing a meal. Look over your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Need Heirloom Seeds + Seed Giveaway

Been hearing about heirloom seeds? Heirloom seeds are the ultimate in preparedness and survival. They're how human kind has been eating since creation, but it's not what's in your seed packets at the big box stores. Learn how and why you should be using heirloom seeds. Read now if you're planting a garden or plan on it.

It's time for our annual heirloom Tarheel Green Bean Seed Giveaway!! For those of you who don't know our story my grandparents brought this strain of pole beans with them when they migrated from North Carolina (Avery County area) in 1941. We've been saving it and replanting every year since. When I think of how many lives have been touched by that first seed my ancestors planted, I'm humbled by what God can do with something so small. It's nothing short of amazing to me how we can put a small … [Read more...]

6 Week Old-Fashioned Spring Cleaning Decluttering Challenge

Is clutter spilling into your life and house? Over 6 weeks we'll do an old-fashioned spring cleaning from the house to the barnyard, and everything between.  Get your house, food storage, gardening supplies, and barnyard in order once and for all with  help from others.

Does anyone else feel the need to purge their home of some of the clutter? It's not just me, thank goodness. Did you know clutter can also lead to not only stress but depression? Here's an article with links to studies showing the true affects of clutter. I don't know about you, but that gives me even more incentive to get the clutter out of the house. Late spring and summer are filled with raising our meat chickens, a couple of new piglets, the garden, preserving said garden harvest, and … [Read more...]

When and How to Plant Fruit Trees

Eager to start gardening but still in winter? These 9 fruits are planted in winter and will provide you with a harvest for years to come. Tips on where to get your stock, how to plant it, even if you don't have any land or a yard! Read this to get your fruit plants in.

Late winter and early spring are the time to plant fruit trees and bushes. While I love my veggie garden, there is a beauty in only having to plant something once and being able to harvest if for years to come. Can I get a holler? No, sheesh, this is exciting stuff, okay, at least a high five. Having a fruit source on your homestead is a great step towards self-sufficiency and lowering your grocery bill. Plus, there is nothing and I mean nothing, like fresh ripe fruit straight off the vine... … [Read more...]

How to Make Yogurt at Home

Want an easy and healthy yogurt with more live cultures than the store? This old-fashioned homemade yogurt only uses 2 ingredients, no yogurt maker required, and no straining method for thick creamy yogurt. Best part, it's less than half of the cost of store bought yogurt with more live cultures! Read now and never purchase store bought yogurt again.

Does anyone else get a little bit excited twirl around the kitchen and do a double fist pump when they learn how to make something from scratch at home instead of purchasing it from the store? Whew, glad it's not just me. I spun around and may have knocked over a dish or two when I learned how to make yogurt at home without a yogurt maker or any new appliance. Because really, I hate appliances that only serve one purpose. I'm a multi-tasking girl and expect just about everything in my house to … [Read more...]

Podcast #48 How to Make Bone Broth and 5 Ways to Preserve It

Learn how to make bone broth and stock. A great way to stretch your food budget dollars and provide additional nutrients for your family. Love the 5 different ways to preserve the bone broth at home. I never thought of doing the number 2 and 3. Great ideas to use up the carcass and bones you'd normally just toss. Read this now for tips and ways to make your bone broth go even further.

Anyone else feel late to the bone broth parade? Up until a year ago I had no idea the awesomeness of bone broth. I simply new it was a good way to get more money from your meat purchases and a more frugal way to make broth at home. Then I started reading up and discovered bone broth supports good gut health among other parts of our bodies. I'm sure you've all seen the commercial by now how a big portion of our immune system is linked to the health of our gut. No? Let's just say if the folks … [Read more...]

How to Prune Blueberries for a Larger Harvest

Want a larger harvest of blueberries? Learn how to prune blueberry plants for a larger harvest. Great step by step tutorial, plus love her tips for what to add to the soil. If you want to put in blueberries or already have them, you need to read this tutorial now.

How to Prune Blueberries It seems so contradictory to cut off branches in order to get more fruit, but that's exactly what we need to do with our fruit trees, especially blueberry plants. Pruning blueberries is slightly different than pruning fruit trees, though some of the principals remain the same. I can't help but think of this verse every time I prune any of our plants. I'm always amazed at how gardening brings to mind so many of the scriptures. He cuts off every branch in me that … [Read more...]