Podcast #45 Great Depression Era Money Saving Tips w/ Potatoes

Tired of the rising cost of groceries? The Great Depression Era frugal tips and recipes show how to use potatoes to stretch your food dollars, including how to use potato water in place of milk in your baking. I love the 1920's recipes and learning how to increase my independence from the grocery stores! Read this now if you need new ways to save money in the kitchen. I can't wait to the try pie, I'd have never thought you could use potatoes that way.

Tired of the rising cost of groceries? These frugal tips and recipes from the Great Depression Era will help you stretch your food dollars, increase your food storage, and give you some fun new ideas in the kitchen. I adore old-fashioned recipes and the pie recipe may be my favorite ever. Who would have thought you could use potatoes in a chocolate pie! Potatoes are often an overlooked frugal meal. They have a bad rap as being just a starchy food, while they are a starch vegetable, it's not … [Read more...]

Homemade Peppermint Salve for Dry Skin

Got dry winter skin? The store bought lotions never really moisturize, plus they have chemicals.. This Homemade Peppermint Salve has natural herbs and ingredients and smells like Christmas! Can't wait to put this in a few stockings... my own, too.

Anyone else have hands that feel like sand paper? Seriously, I've contemplated just sticking both hands into my bottle of olive oil if only the opening was large enough. Thankfully, Sarah is sharing her awesome recipe with us today for a homemade peppermint salve for our poor dried out skin. I can't wait to try this out!¬†Welcome to our fourth week in the Homemade Christmas Series. If you missed any of the previous fun posts in our Homemade Christmas Series go here to get caught up and be sure … [Read more...]

Homemade Vintage Star Ornament

I love this easy homemade vintage star ornament tutorial! Pictures so even those not so crafty folks like me can follow along and free pattern. Stars are on of my favorite things, I think you could even leave these up all year. Oh, they'd be cute as a gift tag or tied to a present, too. Grab this now to get the supply list and pattern to make yours

I'm so excited for this tutorial on how to make a homemade vintage star ornament. Am I the only one who gets a little crazy for stars? I've got them all over my home. Not only do I keep most of them up year round, but they remind of the star over Bethlehem on the night my Savior Jesus Christ was born. Any pioneer girl needs some sewing skills... and most need more than I have. I can stitch a hem, mend a tear, and make very simple curtains, and do a ruffle or two by hand, but if clothing my … [Read more...]

Podcast #44 7 Depression Era Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget

Need to stretch your food budget dollars? These tried and tried true recipes and tips have been passed down since the Great Depression era in her family. I love these stories and tips from people who went through hard times and came out the other side. Read this now to help save money now.

The Depression Era defined a nation and we can take the tips from folks who went through hard times to stretch our own food budgets and live more frugally. These are recipes handed down from my family from generation to generation and now from me to you. I hope these tips are as helpful for you as they have been for me. This Depression era series has helped me find out even more about my grandparents and what it meant to live frugally. I hope it encourages you to find out your families … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Melt & Pour Goat’s Milk Soap


Welcome to our second week of a Homemade Christmas series!! I've been really excited for this post from our guest and my personal good friend Tammy of TrayerWilderness.com Tammy is a sister in Christ, real true homesteader, and has the heart of a giver. I asked her for this post because I've never made homemade soap before and I wanted a non-scary way to ease into full on soap making. She even made us a video you guys! Introducing my girl, Tammy, and her easy to make homemade melt and pour … [Read more...]

How to Make Mint Extract + 6 homemade extract recipes

How to make homemade mint extract

Making homemade mint extract was one of the very first extract recipes I ever attempted... and I've never went back. Have you seen the price of extract in the store? It can be rather spendy for the real stuff, but the imitation extracts often have caramel coloring and other not so lovely ingredients. What's a pioneering today person to do? Make your own mint extract... or vanilla, stevia, lemon, almond, orange, chocolate mint-okay, you get the picture. If it can be bought in the store, it can … [Read more...]

25+ Cast Iron & Dutch Oven Recipes

25+ One dish cast iron skillet and Dutch oven recipes. These are perfect for using indoors, as well as outdoor cooking and on the wood stove for when the power is out, being prepared or saving money on  your electric bill. These are some great recipes, broken down by main dish and dessert. I can't wait to try some of these.

25+ one dish cast iron skillet and Dutch oven recipes for easy indoor, outdoor and wood stove cooking. Cast iron is the number one cookware in my kitchen. Our grandmothers knew the wonder of cast iron and there are some old-fashioned things, okay a lot of old-fashioned things, we'd do best to go back to and leave the newer stuff in the stores. Teflon is not allowed in our home but despite it's questionable health issues, cast iron is much more efficient at turning out luscious desserts, … [Read more...]

8 Weeks to a Homemade Christmas


Are you TIRED of the commercialized Christmas season? I don't know about you, but Christmas should not be paying off the gifts for 12 months afterwards, running around so stressed you develop an ulcer, dread is the first thing that hits you when you see the decorations, and you just want to bury your heads under the covers until it's all over. We made the decision about five years ago to stop all the crazy. When I look back on my most treasured gifts, they're the ones made with love and … [Read more...]

Win an All American Sun Oven!


Ever wanted to cook your supper without heating up the house, using electricity, or keeping a watch on coals or wood? Wondered how in the world you could do that without the food being raw? Enter the All American Sun Oven. This is the ultimate solar appliance. You can cook your food and sterilize water from just the power of the sun. And here's your chance to win one, because the only thing cooler than buying one is winning it, right? Win An All American Sun Oven in this … [Read more...]