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Made From Scratch Life

Cut Out the Processed

Tired of all the processed unhealthy ingredients filling our food, our homes, and even our minds. We seem to be constantly running from one thing to the next, trying to get everything done and in. The world tells us to hurry up, do more, keep up, strive harder, all the while shoving more at us.

Return to simple.

With life changing stories, step by step tutorials, how-to’s, real life examples and recipes, The Made-From-Scratch Life, will inspire and teach you how to get back to the basics, not just in a from scratch kitchen and home, but in your mind and soul. It looks at the things that shape us and how you can apply old-fashioned traditions to your modern life and savor what really matters.



Straight From the Blog


Pioneering Today Podcast

There's nothing I love more than learning about the pioneer days and how to use those skills in our modern live. Great tips from people who are living the lifestyle and doing modern homesteading.


Return to Simple

If you love old-fashioned living and think we need to get back to the simple way of life, then this my friend, is the place for you. We’ll talk about how our great-grandparents lived and how to capture that in our modern lives.

The Pioneering Today Podcast is where food is homegrown, Mason jars line our pantries, meals are made from scratch, and the soul is nourished.


With over 461,470 downloads, come join the movement of returning to our roots and the things that truly matter. I can’t wait to get to know you, share a jar of homegrown goodies over the backyard fence, and a laugh or two. Because life, laughter, and Mason jars are meant to be shared.

Listen now (full transcripts of show available)