What Makes the Best Memories? - Melissa K. Norris

What Makes the Best Memories?

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

May 28

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Do you ever wonder what makes the best memories?

As a young girl, about seven years old, I remember one warm spring night. The kind of night where you run around barefoot, the dew whisking away the dirt of afternoon play from your feet. The moon glowed, a large lamp softening the darkness.

We were out with the cattle and my mother sat in the pickup truck. My father walked out on the log jam and my mom didn’t want me to go with him.

My dad won. As I picked my way along the log, toes curled around the smooth wood, my father’s shoulders loomed large in front of me. A mist blanketed the river and field.

Silver moonlight shrouded everything, a ghostly white light, like we’d stepped back in time when God had just created the earth. We stood silent, perched over the running water beneath the logs, no other sound but our breathing.

My father never said a word, just shared his world with me that night.

There wasn’t anything significant that happened, but I’ve never forgotten that moment.

My father’s confidence in me gave me the courage to step out on to that log. His unwavering belief that I was ready, made me believe in myself. Knowing that he wanted me with him, to share his love of our land, was enough to keep this memory in my mind, far beyond memories of tangible gifts.

Memories are what make us. They allow us to touch the past, to keep us connected to people and moments long gone. They influence are future decisions.

I wonder what God’s favorite memory is? We know He records our every moment in His book of days.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. Psalm 139:16

He is so interested in our lives, that He records every moment.

It’s hard for me to imagine, that a God who created this world and everything in it, cares enough about me and what I’m doing, to record it.

I won’t know for certain until I get to heaven and can ask Him, but I’m pretty certain His favorite memory will be much like mine.

It won’t be something I made or bought, it won’t be when I was trying really hard to prove it, it will be the moment when I stepped out on the log and followed Him over the running river.

The moment when my faith in Him is enough to give me strength to move beyond me fears. When I just want to rest in His presence and share His love of this land He has given me, by the light of the moon He created.

What’s your favorite memory?


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