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Sep 05

Apple Preserving & Use Mini Cookbook

By Melissa Norris |

FOR A LIMITED TIME, GET THIS FANTASTIC RESOURCE FROMPioneering Today and Melissa K. NorrisApple Preserving & Use Mini CookbookWant to take advantage of the fall harvest when the fruit is in season? Believe it or not, preserving doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Inside are easy canning (low sugar options), baking, homemade raw apple cider vinegar, recipes, tutorials […]

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Mar 14

Natural Vinegar Cleaner Recipe- Homemade DIY

By Melissa Norris | DIY Recipes & Tutorials , Frugal Living , Homestead-Life , Natural Medicine Cabinet , Recipes

Picture of a glass spray bottle filled with vinegar cleaner in the forefront, and a Mason jar filled with lemons and vinegar in the background. Fresh lemons are scattered in between. Text overlay says

Homemade natural vinegar cleaner recipes, especially easy homemade DIY ones, are my favorite. Who doesn’t want a cleaner that can be made from items you eat, can grow on your own land, and the best part, that actually work? Your hand better be raised high my friend. This is my favorite all-purpose homemade cleaner, and […]

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Sep 30

11 Ways to Preserve Apples at Home

By Melissa Norris | Canning Recipes , Dehydrating , Fermenting , Food Preservation , Food Preservation - Canning , Food Preservation - Other , Fruit, Jam and Jelly , Recipes , Water Bath

11 ways to preserve apples at home, because one should never have to pay full price at the grocery store and apples are so delicious, we need them year round, am I right? We’ve all heard the saying an apple day keeps the doctor away, but my apples don’t grow all year round. Our goal […]

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