Preserving Food at Home – Melissa K. Norris

Preserving Food at Home

Preserving food at home is one of the best things you can do for your family and health. Home food preservation cuts your grocery bill, increases your self-reliance, and fills your pantry with home cooked food.

Knowing how to safely preserve food at home is important. No matter where you live, you can preserve food at home in your kitchen.


If you’re just beginning one of the easiest places to get started is with water bath canning. Learning how to make homemade jams and jellies at home will help you preserve your fruits without the tons of sugar store bought versions hold. Most of my jam and jelly recipes are low sugar variations and without store bought pectin, keeping your cost low.

Homemade Low Sugar Jam and Jelly Canning Recipes

Low Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam

Low Sugar No Pectin Blueberry Jam

Low Sugar No Pectin Cherry Jam

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam

Slow cooker Apple Butter

How to Make Homemade Jams and Jellies Like a Pro

How to Make Low Sugar Grape Vanilla Jelly

Red Pepper Garlic Jelly

Pie Filling Recipe

How to Can Apple Pie Filling

Home Canning Fruit Recipes and Tutorials

How to Can Apricots (with low or no sugar)

How to Can Pears  + Spiced Pear Recipe

How to Can Sweet and Spicy Plum Sauce

How to Can Rhubarb


Salsa and Pickle Canning Recipes

How to Can Pickled Asparagus (best pickles ever)

Peach Salsa Canning Recipe


Pressure Canning

Canning 101 Water Bath vs Pressure 

How to use a Pressure Canner and can green beans

How to pressure can shelled beans

How to can tomato sauce (water bath instructions, too)

How to safely convert recipes for canning

How to Pressure Can Like a Pro



How to make homemade organic raw apple cider vinegar

How to make old-fashioned salt-brine fermented pickles


Dehydrating Food 

How to dry your own herbs

How to dehydrate fruit & time saving tips

5 tips for dehydrating food at home



Root Cellar

10 Tips for Storing Food Long Term without a Root Cellar


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