Pioneer Homemade Christmas Day 4-Crocheted Flower Headband-Free Pattern – Melissa K. Norris

Pioneer Homemade Christmas Day 4-Crocheted Flower Headband-Free Pattern

By Melissa Norris | Crafts

Nov 21

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I love that crocheted hats and headbands have been in fashion the past few seasons and aren’t showing any signs of going away. My mother taught me to crochet when I was a small girl, about ten years old.

Last year I made crocheted hats with the flower but this year I wanted to try the headbands. I made mine thick enough to cover my ears, perfect for a breezy, dry, cold day.

Headband Pattern:

Chain 12

Row 1: Double crochet(dbc) in each chain (11 dbc total) don’t forget to add a chain at the end of each row before you turn.

Row 2 through 30: Repeat first row until headband is desired length. Mine was thirty but I actually have a large head. When I was barrel racing I could never borrow my friend’s cowgirl hat, so I made sure not to forget mine. Adjust the number of rows to make a child’s size.

Use a slip stitch all the way across the width of the headband to join the two ends together.

This is the pattern I used for the flower. (at the bottom of the page under Flower Embellishment)

If any of you knit and know how to translate crochet stitches, feel free to post the knitted version of this. I’ve tried knitting but lack the ability to keep my tension from being too tight.

I had some beads lying around and stitched them into the center of the flower. Buttons also look cute or a smaller flower in a contrasting color.

What’s your favorite homemade gift you’ve ever received? Do you knit or crochet?

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