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9 Things Every Mom Should Do With Her Daughter

By Melissa Norris | Homestead-Life

May 07

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Do you ever remember special things you did with your mother? As my daughter grows, I want to create memories she’ll treasure for her lifetime. I came up with a list of things I think are important and fun, both to your relationship and your daughter’s faith.9 Things Every Mom should do with her Daughter

1. Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress. What little girl doesn’t like to play dress up? When she has her own wedding, how precious will this picture be on display?

Mom and me singing at church

2. Sing a song. As a small child, my little girl loves to sing. She begs me to sing songs one more time. Even as an adult, I still love singing with my mother. It doesn’t matter if you have a great voice or not, your daughter will just love that your singing together. My daughter’s favorite songs are ones from Sunday School, especially, “God’s not dead, No, He is alive.”

Mother and daughter pedicures, new crackle nail polish


3. Pedicures. There’s something relaxing about painting your toenails. It’s a great creative outlet. Let your daughter pick her favorite color and take turns painting each other’s nails. This can be a great time to tell the story of how Jesus washed the disciples feet and how we are to serve one another.

4. Pray out loud. Children learn from their parents. Make sure your daughter hear’s your prayers. They will make her feel safe and allow her to see how God works through our prayers. Make praying a natural and every day part of her life and teach her to talk to Jesus in all situations.

5. Cook with your daughter. It doesn’t matter how old your daughter is, she can help you cook. At one and two years old, I would measure out the ingredients and help her dump them into the bowl. As an adult, I love to cook with my mother. I need to schedule another doughnut making session.

6. Garden with your daughter. Gardening is a wonderful bonding time with your kids. What kid doesn’t like to dig in the dirt? My children love to help plant and harvest the vegetables. Even if you live in the city or don’t have a garden, grow a container of strawberries or tomatoes on your porch. Kids love to eat what they help grow.

7. Hold her hand. Sometimes, we don’t need to say or do anything, other than simply taking someones hand as you walk or sit.

Letter to my daughter on her first birthday

8. Write your daughter a letter. In my baby book are letters my mother wrote to me when I was a baby and toddler. I love reading these, getting a glimpse into the person I was before I can remember. I write a letter to each of my children on their birthdays. They aren’t old enough to read them, but someday they will be. One mother I spoke to wrote her children a letter when they were babies and gave it to them when they turned eighteen.

I plan on writing my children a letter every year. I write about what their doing, what they’ve accomplished this year, and my hopes and dreams for them. If something were to happen to me, they would always have these letters.

Even if your daughter is grown, think how much she’d like to read how proud you are of her. Take this time to pour out your feelings and love.

9. Read to your daughter. Even after I learned to read, my mother would read to me every night at bedtime. As I got older, we’d read a chapter each night and made our way through the entire Little House on the Prairie books. Can you tell it influenced me much? 🙂

There are so many wonderful things we can do with our daughters. What are some of your favorite memories or traditions? Share with us a special memory you have of your mother or daughter.

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