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Jun 24

Buckwheat Pancake Recipe from the 1920s

By Andrea Sabean | Bread , Breakfast , Recipes

This buckwheat pancake recipe is not your ordinary pancake, and there is nothing quite like a weekend morning breakfast of hot-off-the-griddle pancakes. Especially when the batter can be made the night before, making these an overnight fermented pancake recipe. Score! Seriously, making pancake batter the night before makes cooking early in the morning a breeze. […]

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Jan 29

How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally with this Old-Fashioned Food

By Melissa Norris | Breakfast , Cultured Dairy , DIY Recipes & Tutorials , Homestead-Life , Natural Medicine Cabinet , Podcast , Recipes , Skills

How to boost your immune system naturally with this old-fashioned food. An old-fashioned food that can support the immune system and improve your brain function is yogurt. Who would have thought, right? Well, us pioneer homesteaders knew it was good stuff. Listen to this post (just push play below) and all our episodes of the […]

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