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Have You Seen God Lately?

By Melissa Norris | Other Articles

May 20

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Do you ever wish you could reach out and grab hold of God?

I know He’s with me, that He never leaves our sides, but sometimes, I just wish I could reach out and thread my fingers through His.Have You Seen God Lately? www.melissaknorris.com

This past week was a stressful one at my house. Our schedule was packed more than usual, I was preparing to teach for two days at an out of town writer’s conference, and things kept spiraling out of control. Unexpected health issues complicated things even more. The day before I was supposed to leave, my husband found out he was scheduled to be at work, hindering my early morning departure.

By the time I had everything packed, tears filled my eyes, and part of me questioned this calling of being a writer I’ve accepted.

I arrived at the conference, worn out before I’d held my first appointment.

But then, something happened. I shared with others the things I’ve learned so far on this path of authorship. I witnessed faces light up when something I said resonated with them. I saw people helping others they’d never met before. I witnessed prayers whispered in hallways and corners. I watched tears form in the eyes of a writer who received encouragement and support when she never had before.

And I realized something. I’d been focusing so hard on seeing God, that I was missing the signs of Him all around me.

He was in the sweat tears of confirmation, the up raised hands of a room full of worshipers, the joy of learning, the hugs of friendship, and the prayers of His warriors.

If you’re not seeing God, maybe you’re like I was. Stop focusing on one aspect of God, lift up your head so you can witness all of His glory.Tweet this

How has God shown Himself to you? Where do you see Him?


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