Feel Like You Never Have Enough Time? Read this.

Feel Like You Never Have Enough Time? @MelissaKNorris

This past week I was speaking with a friend about how we feel like there's never enough time in the day to get done all we want. We push certain things to the back burner, prioritizing what means the most to us by what we accomplish first. He said he'd missed church Sunday and his entire week felt off. At the time, it seemed like what he had to do was more important than church. After all, God meets us where we are. But afterwards, he wished he'd went to church. As an author, pharmacy technician, wife, mommy, housekeeper, and home chef (love the way that sounds so official), I'm often tempted to let certain things slide in an effort to capture more time. If I skip my forty minute workout, I could get my article done that's due. If I only read a few verses, it's still devotion time, right? But this way of thinking is deceiving. God created time, if we put Him first, don't you think He'll take care of the other stuff?¬†Tweet this … [Read more...]