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Melissa K. Norris writes inspirational historical romance novels. Her stories inspire people to draw closer to God and their pioneer roots. She found her own little house in the big woods, where she lives with her husband and two children in the Cascade Mountains. She writes a monthly column, Pioneering Today, for the local newspaper that bridges her love of the past with its usefulness in modern life. Her books and articles are inspired by her family’s small herd of beef cattle, her amateur barrel racing days, and her forays into quilting and canning—without always reading the directions first.

Podcast #24 10 Easy Tips to Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food with these 10 easy steps essential to growing your own food year after year.Growing your own food is beneficial to your health, preparedness, survival, and frugality. These tips will help you grow your own food, regardless if you’re a first time gardener or a life timer grower. Continue reading

How to Make Your Own 3 Ingredient Lotion Bars

Do you know what you’re putting on skin? After undergoing an endoscope and biopsies on my esophagus and upper stomach four years ago (amen they came back cancer free) I took a good hard look at our home and food.

Photo credit and recipe to CommonSenseHomesteading.com

Photo credit and recipe to CommonSenseHomesteading.com

I researched GMO’s, what was really in the processed foods at the store, and the use of pesticides on commercially grown crops. Continue reading

When You Know Your Hard Times Were For a Reason

When we’re going through hard times, we often wonder why God would let us suffer. At least, I know I have.

I just spent this weekend at a writer’s retreat where I had the privilege to meet with some amazing writer’s, authors and editors. I taught two classes and also had some time to bring Pioneering Today to the writer world with some “off grid” fun at the photo station.

As I pitched my novel and a brand new sequel of Pioneering Today, I got to listen to other writer’s talk about their books and stories. During our lunch we took out loud prayer requests. And as I listened to these stories, these moments of people’s lives, I noticed something. Continue reading

Simple Life Sunday #13 Taking the Stress Out of Finances

Am I the only one who stresses over finances now and then? Or maybe more now than the then… We do our best to live frugally and self-sustainable, but there’s always something that crops up. The brakes went out on my husband’s work truck this past week. While at first I was really grumpy, but then I became thankful we had the money to pull from our savings.Simple Life Sundays A Blog Hop Tons of articles devoted to homemaking, homesteading, recipes, livestock, DIY, devotions, and all aspects of living the simple life www.MelissaKNorris.com
I’m betting I’m not the only person who stresses over money, Continue reading

Grandma’s Heavenly Chocolate Mayo Cupcakes & Caramel Frosting

My great-grandmother passed down many things in our family, and though I never knew her, I still think of the woman she was whenever I use her recipes or sieve when making applesauce, raspberry jelly, and blackberry syrup. I know she was a God fearing woman and an excellent baker. I wonder if she had any idea her legacy would live on in my home.Make this easy homemade chocolate may cake with no cook caramel frosting that's been passed down in our family for over 4 generations. No dairy and so moist you won't believe it doesn't have any dairy.

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Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

Have you ever asked where God was when bad things happen? I asked this question when I lost a child to an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. I’ve heard it asked when we’re faced with any kind of tragedy. When we get a diagnosis of cancer. When our children are hurt. When unfair things keep befalling us.

When the mudslide hit in Oso, many people asked the same thing. Where was God? Why did He let this happen.Where is God when bad things happen? He is right there with you.

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Simple Life Sunday #12 How to Make Beef Bone Broth

Spring break is over and we’re headed back into our normal pattern. Our mason bees are going out this weekend and I can’t wait to see them go to work on our fruit trees when they blossom. Last year I hand pollinated and I’m eager to have some help this year.
Simple Life Sundays A Blog Hop Tons of articles devoted to homemaking, homesteading, recipes, livestock, DIY, devotions, and all aspects of living the simple life www.MelissaKNorris.com
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10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Food

There is little else more rewarding than growing your own food. It cuts down on your grocery bill, improves your health, makes you more self-sustainable, brings families together, and brings us closer to God.

If you’ve never grown  your own food or had a garden, it can feel a little bit intimidating. It seems everyone has tons of advice on the wrong and right way to do things. But you just want to get growing. These 10 steps will get you growing your own food in no time.10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Food

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