Are You a Fan of Jesus or a Follower of Him?

Are You a Fan of Jesus or a Follower of Him?

How many times have you driven by someone on a street corner holding up a cardboard sign asking for help? If you live in the city, I'd guess up to several times a day. If you live in the country, it might only be a few times a month. How many times have you stopped and given them something?¬†How many times have you thought they were scamming the public? I'll answer first. I've stopped two times. The second time I stopped is shared below. Almost every time I've assumed they were probably … [Read more...]

Feel Like You Never Have Enough Time? Read this.

Feel Like You Never Have Enough Time? @MelissaKNorris

This past week I was speaking with a friend about how we feel like there's never enough time in the day to get done all we want. We push certain things to the back burner, prioritizing what means the most to us by what we accomplish first. He said he'd missed church Sunday and his entire week felt off. At the time, it seemed like what he had to do was more important than church. After all, God meets us where we are. But afterwards, he wished he'd went to church. As an author, pharmacy … [Read more...]

What Christmas Cleaning Taught Me About Jesus

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our home this year. I don't know about you, but if I know people are coming over, I want my house cleaner than normal. I spent the entire day prior cleaning. Everything from the glass shelves in my fridge, to mopping, and tossing out old half used bottles of various hair product from that overflowing drawer in my bathroom. That evening, when the last gift was wrapped and I could hardly move, I wondered..... What if I spent this much energy and time … [Read more...]

Seeing God’s Fingerprint on Your Life

I saw a necklace that had the impression of a fingerprint when I was browsing the other night. I fell in love. A silver pendant with the fingerprint of your child. What could be more precious? It got me to thinking. God made each one of us unique, no matter how many people are born or roam this earth, none of us have the same fingerprint. And in that, I see God's fingerprint. No random bit of cells of burst of life made us or this planet we live on. We only have to look at our own … [Read more...]