The Secret to True Refreshment

Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and worn out. It seems there are so many things I want to get done in a day and never enough time to do it.

I know all the answers to this problem. Learn to delegate, cut back where I can, the art of saying no, etc.True Refreshment Comes From Jesus

This weekend I was looking forward to going to a dance with my husband. After a day at work, appointment with our accountant and submitting our tax return, I really wanted to spend some time with nothing to do other than enjoy our friends, some good music, food, and dancing.

My husband came down with a really bad head cold and the last thing he wanted to do was stay up late and have the pulse of a live band match the pounding in his head. Disappointment settled in my gut.  Continue reading

Why the Waiting Is Worth It

Last week I shared about waiting to hear from God. I know He told me to seek publication for my fiction, but part of me wondered about His timing.

On Friday, I received an email that two of the editors who were considering my fiction series decided to pass. There are still some editors who are interested, but two in one hour.

With slumped shoulders, I clicked open on the next email in my inbox.

It was from a lady who had read an advanced copy of my new book Pioneering Today. Below is a section of the book she referenced from Chapter 1, which you can read for free here.

I believe that when we are still, away from the hustle and bustle of

technology, we can feel God’s presence. It is stronger when there is no static

or interference from man-made noise. There is much we can learn from our

pioneer forefathers and mothers. I believe the first and most important

lesson is growing some sort of crop.

I don’t feel it’s coincidence we feel closer to God while gardening. The

creator of all life, the I Am, who could have chosen any place or thing in the

world to house Adam and Eve, placed them in a garden.

He came down from heaven every night, in the cool of the evening, to

walk and visit with two people whom He loved. Just as He loves you and

me, He still comes down from heaven to walk with me in my garden. Excerpt from Pioneering Today

Part of the email:

“Two years ago when I lost my job, I knew that God had something else for me; but I believe the above paragraphs are what he had for me to learn so that He could prepare me for a bout with cancer and recovery, regaining my strength, and so much more. These words really spoke to me, because they had been my experience too.”

This dear lady shared more with me in her email. When I finished reading her sweet words, tears warmed my eyes.  Continue reading

Do You Know Which Path God Wants for You?

There are sometimes in our lives when it’s easy to do the right thing. The choice is clear. There is no questions which way God wants you to go.

Choosing God’s Road

And there are the other times. The times when I struggle with the direction of my life. I beg God for a clear sign. A flashing neon arrow pointing the way He wants me to go.

In these times, times of uncertainty, I ask God why He doesn’t give me the answer immediately.

In my humaneness, I want things on my time. I want to know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing so I can get on about it. I’m a doer.

But God knows how fast or slow to grow us. He knows when we really need to see the next bend in the road He has planned for us.

I now look at times of transition differently. They are a time for me to press into Him. To spend extra time in prayer and in the Bible. Time to put my trust into action.

If you’re in a time of transition, don’t despair. If you seek Him, He will come. When His time is right, He will show you exactly what to do. Trust Him.

How has God shown you what He wanted you to do? What did you learn from the waiting?