Pioneering Today-8 Tips for Perfect Homemade Bread

8 Tips for Baking Perfect Homemade Bread @MelissaKNorris #Pioneering Today

There's hardly anything I can think of that I like more than fresh warm homemade bread just out of the oven. The scent, warm and yeasty, melt-in-your mouth texture and homemade jelly smothered on top. Can you tell I'm hungry? When I first started baking bread, I was often frustrated by breads containing yeast. Sometimes it would rise beautifully and others times it remained flat and sad. Along the way I learned some tips that bring success every time, no matter what type of bread or recipe I … [Read more...]

Pioneering Today-Quick No Rise Dinner Roll Recipe

Quick No Rise Rolls-dough to table in 20 minutes

  Do you ever wait until the last minute and realize you need to come up with dinner quick? I make good use of my slow cooker (these slow cooker cabbage rolls are amazing) most of the time, but these make a nice and easy side when you're short on time. Normally, I always have homemade bread on hand from my No Knead Bake Bread in Less than 5 Minutes a Day method. Now if only I could find a no knead and no rise recipe! Except I forgot to set out a new batch of dough to rise and dinner … [Read more...]