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Jan 06

Vintage Recipe: Grandmother’s Date Bread Recipe

By Andrea Sabean | Recipes

Grandma’s date bread recipe was born during war rationing, when sugar was scarce, inventive homemakers looked for other ways to sweeten baked goods. Honey, corn syrup, molasses, and maple syrup were often used as sweeteners, as well as dried fruits such as raisins and dates. This date bread recipe comes right from my grandmother’s recipe […]

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Sep 30

Vintage Recipe: Honey Banana Cake

By Andrea Sabean | Pioneering Today

My grandmother didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but she loved to make banana cake.  Quite often when we went to visit she would have a pan of banana cake, slathered in maple frosting, waiting in the kitchen. Then I discovered this handwritten recipe for banana cake among my great-grandmother’s recipes.  It seems a […]

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