Chicken Artichoke Heart Casserole and The Irresistible Table

Chicken Artichoke Heart Casserole Irresistible Table by Mary DeMuth @MelissaKNorris

I love making my family's meal time special with home-cooked nutritional food. I believe spending time together around the table promotes a bonded family and makes each person feel important and valued. When author Mary DeMuth announced her cookbook,┬áThe Irresistible Table, was releasing, I eagerly awaited my early copy of the book. Mary's a Christian author who shares the same belief as I do and talks about it in her new book. I'm excited to share with you one of her recipes. I know it was the first recipe I tried, but not the last. Chicken Artichoke Heart Casserole 4 whole chicken breasts 1 14 ounce can artichoke hearts, drained (I used marinated-Melissa) 1/3 cup butter (I will use less-Mary) 1/3 cup flour (I will use less, more like 1/4 cup-Mary) … [Read more...]