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This is one of my favorite days of the year. Heirloom seeds are one of my passions. They can be saved year to year, cutting seed costs to zero, making you self-reliant, no worries of GMO’s, more flavor, more unique options, and the stories behind some of them are incredible.  Heirloom seeds are a living story or our ancestors and the God who made them. @MelissaKNorris #giveaway #gardening Click to Tweet

My grandparents moved from North Carolina to Washington state in 1941. They traveled with two other families on the back of flat-bed truck they converted to a camper with bunks.

Can you imagine the cramped quarters? Packing space was limited to say the least. But my grandparents brought with them a packet of their pole green beans, October beans, and a cast iron skillet. We’ve always referred to them as tarheel green beans.

When my husband and I were dating, he came to meet my parents for the first time. He told me he didn’t care for green beans, so when my mom passed the pot of green beans, I was surprised he took a serving. After eating his beans, he helped himself to more. I leaned over and whispered, “You don’t have to eat more.” I thought he just wanted to impress my parents.

He replied, “These are the best beans I’ve ever eaten. I don’t like other green beans, but I love these.” Heirloom plants are like that, more flavor than their hybrid counterparts.

Tarheel pole beans grace many a garden in our valley. These beans can’t be bought in a store, either the seeds or the harvest. I’ve scoured the heirloom seed catalogs and websites and have never seen these beans available.Heirloom Seed Giveaway win over 12 varieties of heirloom seeds to get your garden started

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How to Save and Store Your Heirloom Garden Seed

How to save and store heirloom garden seed, especially bean seed is extremely easy. If you’ve read anything on my website, you know I’m a huge believer in heirloom gardening. Just one of the many benefits of heirloom gardening is your ability to save the seed from year to year, saving you money and making you more self-sustainable. (Check out my podcast Intro to Heirloom Gardening to find out while you’ll love them as much as I do)How to Save and Store Heirloom Garden Seed

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Pioneering Today Podcast Episode #3 Intro to Heirloom Seeds

Intro to Heirloom Seeds Pioneering Today Podcast #3 www.melissaknorris.comWe’ll post new episodes every Friday. If you subscribe you’ll get every episode for free. Subscribe via RSS

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Heard the term heirloom gardening and seeds? Wondering what exactly heirloom plants mean and why they’re beneficial for your food supply and garden?

We’ll discuss:

  • The 3 characteristics a plant must have to be considered heirloom
  • History of heirloom seeds
  • Basics of seed saving
  • Where to get heirloom seed
  • Major benefits of heirloom plants
  • Best type of heirloom plants to begin seed saving

I look forward to sharing with you. Please email me at melissa(at)melissaknorris(dot)com with questions or comments. I’d love to have a readers show where I answer your questions. Or leave your question in the comments section below.

Giveaway-Heirloom Garden Seed & copy of Pioneering Today!!

One of the joys of gardening is being able to share with family and friends. While I can’t share my produce with all of you, I can share my heirloom Tarheel green bean seed. It’s been in my family for approximately a hundred years going back to my great-grandparents and beyond.

Heirloom Seed & Book Giveaway @MelissaKNorris

Heirloom Seed & Book Giveaway @MelissaKNorris

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