Learn how to grow a year’s worth of food for your family

Popular podcast host and 5th generation homesteader Melissa K. Norris will show you how to grow healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. These worksheets will help you determine what your family’s produce needs are, how much you should plant, and how to plan your garden space accordingly.

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Grow a Year’s Worth of Food for Your Family

Increase your harvest and maximize the space you have using organic and natural methods to raise a year's worth of the fruits and vegetables your family enjoys with Melissa's step-by-step plans and charts.

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What's in the book?

  • Natural and organic ways to combat pest control and disease
  • Time saving tips and techniques without diminishing your harvest yield
  • How to plan your garden based on your family's need, space and climate
  • How to pick the best plants for your growing season
  • Get control of the weeds!
  • Easy solutions to build up your soil and increase your harvest yield
  • How to incorporate and grow perennial plants, including fruit trees and berries from planting to pruning, all with step-by-step guides.

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About the Author

Melissa is a 5th generation homesteader who lives with her husband and two children in the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range of Washington state. They raise 100% of their own meat, 75% of their own fruit, and 50% of their own vegetables for a year.

She loves helping other learn how to live homegrown and handmade lives raising, preserving and cooking their own food with modern homesteading. Her Pioneering Today podcast reaches over 1 million listeners and her website and social media inspires over 300 thousand others to garden, fill Mason jars, and eat good for you and good tasting food!

What Others Are Saying

 I've fought blight in my tomatoes for years and after watching your video I've had less problems. I added the extra calcium when planting, kept my leaving trimmed from the bases, and just that alone made a huge difference. I've been asked by so many people what my secret was bc they had no luck this year! Thank you!


These worksheets are a God-send! I have been struggling to absorb what to do, when to do it and what to expect - etc. It makes it much easier to get my mind around it and get to planning.

Cheri Y.

I live in town....I’ve never grown a single thing before. 🙌😍 2 tomato plants, 2 cucumbers, 1 green pepper,basil, parsley & cilantro..I put them in way late bc I almost chickened out - and now I get to walk by them every day and watch them grow!

Cindy T.

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