Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012-30 Days of Thankfulness – Melissa K. Norris

Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012-30 Days of Thankfulness

By Melissa Norris | Other

Nov 01

There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in human history, according to research from Through Free the Slaves’ research, first published in Kevin Bales’Disposable People. Their conservative estimate is that there are 27 million people in slavery today.

Do you ever see stories about the human trafficking and slavery that is going on in our world today? Do you think to yourself how sad and horrible it is and then go about your buys life?

I have.

Then I read this story about a little boy named John who thinks he’s five, but isn’t sure, because he has no mother or father alive to tell him his birth date. His story made me cry.

You and I have a chance to not look the other way. We have a chance to be Jesus’s hands and feet and help set the captive free.

I don’t want to stand before my Savior and have Him say, “Why didn’t you do anything?” I read this verse this morning and if your heart is moved, I ask you to consider joining me.

You are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give. Exodus 25:2

The month of November is Writers and Readers 2012 and my first year participating. We choose one organization to donate to and this year is Make Way Partners. If tweeting use hashtag #WR2012

Writers and Readers was founded last year by author Shellie Rushing Tomlinson. (Authors and bloggers click on her name to find out how to join)

Make Way Partners works with individuals, churches, and organizations to help prevent and combat the evil of human trafficking and all forms of modern-day oppression.

If you’ll take the time to read just a few of the real-life stories on Kimberly’s blog of women and children who Make Way Partners has rescued from slavery, and for whom they provide long-term care, I believe you’ll want to participate in this beautiful journey of restorations. You can read the first chapter of Kimberly’s book Passport Through Darkness here. (Be ready, her words are simple and powerful)

This is my chance to save a life. To extend the hand of Jesus and care for the orphans, even though I can’t be there in person. If you’re prompted, please join me. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than this.

Before us is a great opportunity to partner with one another to raise awareness about human trafficking and join together to raise funds towards their rescue through Kimberly L. Smith’s foundation, Make Way Partners.

And yet, even as we are set to launch, one-fourth of our population has been impacted by Super storm Sandy and many areas remain in distress. Far too many people have seen their homes destroyed and many others have suffered the painful loss of loved ones. The winds of Sandy have literally caused us to adjust our sails as we respond to the heartache in our own country. Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012 is enlarging the vision! Click here for the Red Cross donation page for victims of hurricane Sandy.

As you make your donation to Make Way Partners, please consider making a matching donation to relief efforts underway for our neighbors on the East Coast. We believe strongly that our being mobilized to respond to the needs of our neighbors at this very moment is no coincidence. We’ve been given much, let us give much.

I’m also going to giveaway one copy of my book Pioneering Today to those of you who donate. To donate, click the button and when asked where you heard about Make Way Partners type or copy and paste WritersandReaders/MelissaKNorris . (No one sees how much you give and none of this will be made public) ***Giveaway Closed***

If you prefer to send a check or money order that address is: Make Way Partners, P.O. Box 26367 Birmingham , AL 35260
I’ll use a random number generator to pick the name and mail you a paperback or Kindle version (your choice) of Pioneering Today as my way of saying thanks for making a difference. Winner will be announced here the first part of December.

I’m honored and blessed to be surrounded with writers and readers who care about one another. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Please use the share buttons at the top of this post to help me get the word out. We have an incredible opportunity to band together. Let’s reach as many people as possible!

Do you ever take for granted the clean water we have to drink? Has God convicted your heart to help others? Please feel free to share, there are so many deserving causes. (Note, there are many deserving causes here in the United States as well as world wide. Each year the group will pick a new cause to support. This year’s is already chosen.)

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