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Top 15 Pioneering Today Posts of 2014

By Melissa Norris | Other

Dec 29

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Here are our top 15 Pioneering Today Posts of 2014. Can I just say it’s been an incredible year and my father was so right when he told me the older you get the faster time goes. Wasn’t is just January like two months ago?Want to live a more frugal and simple this year? These top 15 Pioneering Today posts will help you from food storage, from scratch cooking, canning, off-grid cooking, and tips and recipes from the Great Depression Era. Great resource of articles. I can't decide which one is my favorite! Read this now for some great inspiration and frugal tips.

I think an important part of moving forward is to look at where we’ve been. It’s pretty apparent you all love the history and frugal aspect of the Great Depression Era tips series. Me, too!

I’m looking forward to some awesome things in this coming year, one of being the next podcast episode coming at ya on Friday. Hint, if you overspent “cough, cough” this month, you’ll especially appreciate it.

Now get to catching up on any of these you may have missed!Need to stretch your food budget dollars? These tried and tried true recipes and tips have been passed down since the Great Depression era in her family. I love these stories and tips from people who went through hard times and came out the other side. Read this now to help save money now.

1. Depression Era Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget

Best ever slow cooker cabbage rolls These are gluten free and so good even my picky eater eight-year-old gobbles them up. Can you say healthy comfort food? Recipe at
2. Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls8 Foods You Should Be Storing and How
3. 8 Foods You Should Be Storing and HowLow Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam Pioneering Today
4. How to Make Low Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam25+ One dish cast iron skillet and Dutch oven recipes. These are perfect for using indoors, as well as outdoor cooking and on the wood stove for when the power is out, being prepared or saving money on your electric bill. These are some great recipes, broken down by main dish and dessert. I can't wait to try some of these.
5. 25 Cast Iron Skillet & Dutch Oven RecipesDuring the Great Depression, people learned how to get by on very little. Learn how to create a frugal pantry like they did during the Great Depression. I love the story of her father growing up during the Great Depression and how it still forms how he does things today. We could all stand to learn those lessons. The recipes sound wonderful and very frugal. If you're trying to create a frugal and healthy pantry and kitchen, you need to read this now!
6. Building a Great Depression Era PantryDuring the Great Depression people learned how to make do with very little. Hearing about how her grandmother and family used the lessons they learned going through the Great Depression through the rest of their life opens my eyes to some things we need to change. Great tips on a frugal mindset and living. Read this now if you're trying to save money.
7. 8 Depression Era Tips to Save Money NowNeed a quick frugal gift? This no-knead bread recipe is perfect for busy families who love homemade bread. It would pair great with some homemade jams and jellies or even flavored butters. Grab it now to put together to have on hand for yourself and for gifts.
8. DIY No-Knead Bread Mix in a Jar Recipe11 ways to cook off-grid without power. Learn which is best for you before the winter storms hit so you won't be caught without a way to cook for your family. If you don't know how to cook without power you need to read this immediately.
9. 11 Ways to Cook Off Grid Without Power5 Vegetables to Plant now for a fall harvest. Great list of vegetables to put in now to extend the growing season, plus which ones to sow from seed and which ones should be transplants. I'm sowing some more seed tomorrow
10. 5 Vegetables to Plant Now for a Fall HarvestWhy You Should Grind Your Own Flour & Choosing a Mill
11. How to Chose a Flour Mill & Grind Your Own FlourHow to Can Apple Pie Filling 2 recipes using waterbath or pressure canner Pioneering Today
12. How to Pressure Can Apple Pie Filling9 Ways to preserve apples at home. Frugal and easy ways to preserve apples for year round use and healthy homemade recipes, plus food storage. Read now to take advantage of the low apple prices and get your fall food storage in shape.
13. 9 Ways to Preserve Apples at HomePros and Cons to Raising Grass Fed Beef
14. Pros and Cons of Raising Your Own Grass Fed Beef10+ easy home canning recipes. Perfect to take advantage of coming summer harvests to stock y our pantry and build your home food storage. Which is your favorite?
15. 10+ Easy Home Canning Recipes

What was your most favorite post from us? Did it make the list?

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