Simple Life Sunday #4 Featuring Chicken and Mushroom Soup – Melissa K. Norris

Simple Life Sunday #4 Featuring Chicken and Mushroom Soup

By Melissa Norris | Other

Feb 09

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Sometimes we need to do something for the pure enjoyment of it, not because it’s on our list or because we feel obligated. I used to train horses and barrel race (rodeo event). But I’m in a season now where I don’t have a horse of my own and haven’t ridden in almost four years.Simple Life Sundays A Blog Hop Tons of articles devoted to homemaking, homesteading, recipes, livestock, DIY, devotions, and all aspects of living the simple life

For a girl who used to ride every night after work and travel to shows on the weekends, I would have never foreseen this turn of events. My friend, who is a trainer and has several horses, has asked me numerous times to go riding with her. And I always let life get in the way of making it happen. Until this past Friday.

I put it on the schedule and not even our frigid twenty degree weather was going to get in my way. I had a wonderful time. Muscles I’d forgot I had are currently screaming at me, but I’ll never again go that long without doing one of the things I love. Here’s the view from the back of the sweet horse Nellie I was blessed with on the ride. Take time to do the things you enjoy. This was the view when I followed my own advice.

And coming in after almost four hours in freezing temperatures made me oh so glad for a hot bowl of elk stew my friend had waiting on the back of the wood stove for us.

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When I saw this post from Oak Hill Homestead on last week’s hop for Chicken and Mushroom Soup, I instantly knew it was my pick for the feature. There’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup to warm you up or make a house smell like a home. And homemade soup is a frugal way to stretch a dollar.

Kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy all of this week’s great articles. I’d love to hear which is your favorite!

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