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grow a productive garden, healthy produce preserved for year round eating, and 

Pioneering Today Academy Is The Fast Track & Convenient Way To Learn How To Grow Your Self-Sufficiency Skills... You'll Learn:

Grow Your Own Food

Our comprehensive library with video tutorials walks you through every step of raising your own organic food. We'll help you pick your best growing spot, give you best practices for harvesting, and put your homegrown food into jars for your family. We're with you every step of the way.

Easy Old-Fashioned from Scratch Recipes

Serving your family healthy food, without harmful preservatives, pesticides, and GMO ingredients is simple and easy with our downloadable guides accompanying every lesson. They're packed with all of our best tips and recipes made with organic and whole food ingredients so getting meals on the table is a breeze. Best part, they not only taste good, but they're good for you!


Ask questions, share ideas, and get support and inspiration with hundreds of other homesteaders and simple living folks just like you. With people all over the country and globe, from apartment homesteaders to those with acreage, you'll find others who not only understand, but can offer advice and help.

"It's Like Netflix for Homesteaders!"

As a PTA member, you'll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to my entire library of over 5+ full e-courses. Here are a few examples of what you're about to access.

Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables

Raise your own organic vegetables and fruits no matter where you live for better health, flavor, and to save money

Click here to see what you'll grow

Raising Livestock

Gather organic and pasture raised eggs from your hens. Raise meat chickens, pigs, and cattle for self-sufficiency, taste, and good stewardship

Click here to see what you'll raise

Home Canning with Confidence

Your complete course for food storage, health, flavor, and year round eating without the hefty price tag

Click here to see what you'll can

Seed Saving

Complete self-reliance and greater flavor and plant variety options without the worry of commercially grown crops

Click here to see what you'll save

Homesteading Skills & Herbs

Your own products using natural ingredients and herbs with skill sets for a healthier family that saves money

Click here to see what you'll make

Traditional Kitchen

Food that nourishes your body, healthier than store bought counterparts, tastes better and costs less!

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Cast Iron & Outdoor Cooking

Use cast iron indoors and outdoor to prepare all your meals

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How to preserve your food and herbs using dehydration

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Over 75+ tutorials waiting for you!

What others are saying

I wasted hours searching online for canning, gardening and homesteading advice I could understand and trust. Overwhelmed and intimidated by all of the conflicting information I even questioned whether I had it in me to do this whole “homesteading” thing.

Then I found Melissa and the Pioneering Today Academy and slowly I started to regain my confidence and build my homesteading skills one by one. I especially love the “Home Canning With Confidence” section. I always wanted to learn to can, but was really intimidated. Now I put up hundreds of jars of home-canned food each year and have overcome my fear of pressure canning once and for all!

This has truly been an invaluable resource for me on my homesteading journey!

Anastasia S.

PTA Member

"Well, it took a couple of days (and a couple of posts asking questions... (thanks for your help), but it's finally done! Forty pounds of chicken breast canned (12 quarts and 19 pints), and 1 quart plus 4 pints of chicken bone broth.  Feels good to have it all done! I couldn't have done it without your tutorials on safety and pressure canning!"

Kathy P.

PTA Member

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Get started today and get access to EVERYTHING you need to create a natural and self-sufficient home, kitchen, garden and barnyard. What are you waiting for?

Who Should Join Pioneering Today Academy?

Busy Folks

If you're strapped for time you don't have any extra to waste making costly mistakes or spending hours searching all over the internet for reliable information. You need someone to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to do things in your home.... and that's what you'll get in PTA.

Parents and Grandparents

If you're a parent or grandparent who cares about making sure children learn these valuable skill sets and traditions that are in danger of being lost and want to pass down a legacy of doing things together as a family, this is the place for you. 

Modern Homesteaders

If you want to create a self-sufficient home and food system that's not dependent on stores and big agriculture that uses the traditions and skill sets of our ancestors, then this is the place for you. 

Simple Life Enthusiasts

Feel like the world is moving way too fast and moving away from the things that really matter? Get back to the basics with a group of others who feel the same way you do, where home grown and homemade isn't a dream, but a way of life.


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