Pioneering Today-Repurpose a T-Shirt into a Scarf – Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today-Repurpose a T-Shirt into a Scarf

By Melissa Norris | Crafts

Mar 21

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For those of you on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen dozen of variations of scarves made from t-shirts. I cleaned out my closet this past week & instead of tossing two t-shirts with some holes and minor discoloring, I repurposed like a good pioneer. 🙂

Two t-shirts to be repurposed

This is so easy, it literally took me ten minutes to make both. No sewing, just a pair of scissors. The first one is a little more elegant. I added a clip on flower so I could change the flower to fit the outfit.

Infinity scarf with flower

I think these are perfect for spring, though poor Mother Nature is confused at my house. We had snow and a windstorm this morning that took out my power for four hours. Did you know how much you can get done without a computer or television to tempt you?

A lot. Enough for three more blog posts in fact.

Here’s the other version. I like that this one can be any color combination you want. Plus, once spring does hit, this will be cool enough to wear.

Circle or ringlet infinity scarf

Now you’re probably wondering how I did it. I could write it out, but I followed the instructions from this Studio 5 clip. It shows a few other variations I’m going to do. I have to hit Goodwill for more t-shirts. Thinking yellow or orange for summer. Or turquoise. I might have a new habit here, folks.

What’s your favorite repurposing project?

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