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Learn How to Can Fruit, Pie Fillings, Butters, Jams & Jellies... Without Tons of Sugar!

Keep the harvest shelf-stable all year long with healthier homemade versions of low sugar {and no sugar} jars of fruit, pie fillings, butters, jams &  jellies

"I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It excites me to think I do not have to buy any more canned tomatoes or settle for second rate jam from the store...and I am having so much fun." Gail Q.

Hey there Home Canner,

Do you love the idea of having rows of home canned goodness lining your pantry shelves, but hate the idea of using more sugar than fruit?

When I first started canning my own jams and jellies, I thought it was crazy most recipes and pectin call for using as much, if not more sugar, than fruit. ​I want the wholesomeness of the fruit, not bucket fulls of sugar!

Do you have to use store bought pectin to make jam and jelly?

Do you have to use sugar to safely can fruit?​

How did people use to make and can jam and jelly before store-bought pouches of stuff?

Is all fruit safe to can?​ (the answer is no)

​My name is Melissa K. Norris. I'm the author of The Made-from-Scratch Life: Simple Ways to Create a Natural Home, the host of the Pioneering Today Podcast, a 5th generation homesteader, founder and lead teacher at Pioneering Today Academy where I share how we raise all of our own meat, grow an all heirloom seed garden, preserve our harvest for year round eating without a grocery store, how to seed save and more!

I've been canning for over 18 years, but I still remember wondering how to ​get my jam and jelly to turn out without a ton of sugar or a runny set. It was frustrating to put in all that work and have a goopy  mess instead of nice spreadable jam. 

Was it safe to cut back on the sugar? I mean, what's the point of having this wonderfully preserved fruit if it's loaded with tons of sugar. 

 I decided to put together all the lessons, tips and tricks I'd learned over the years into an easy recipe book with the charts I wish I'd had to begin with. I developed my recipes for those of us who don't want to purchase pectin and use tons of sugar when preserving our bounty.

One of the greatest components in my arsenal to learning homesteading skills!

"I’m more of a visual learner and love that there is a video for each skill. Last year I canned so much more than the previous two years filling up my pantry and then some. It gives me security to know that I’ll be able to feed my family no matter what. Becoming a member is well worth the money spent." ~

Michelle H. Member

 Great-Grandma and Grandpa had it right.....

Have you ever wondered if maybe our great-grandparents were better off when they knew where their food was coming for, how it was grown, and filling their pantries with home canned goodness?

  • You're tired of food manufacturers  sneaking in unhealthy ingredients just to pad their bottom line.
  • You work hard for your money and am tired of being at the mercy of grocery stores continually increasing the price of food.
  • You know our great-grandparents and grandparents didn't have the food allergies and health problems we're facing now, they also didn't have all the "franken" food and processed fast food. They stocked their pantry shelves with food they'd grown and preserved themselves.
  • You want to create wholesome foods for your family without breaking the bank and to know they're safely preserved, without questionable ingredients or dangerous out-dated canning practices.

Inside you will learn.....

  • The Role of Sugar in Canning

    Video #1 Learn the role of sugar in canning and when it's fine to omit it. Plus, what are the steps you need to take if you omit sugar to make sure your canning products are safe and still turn out.

  • No Pectin Jam & Jelly Making

    Video #2 Get our guide and recipe e-book for making homemade jam and jelly without store bought pectin, just like great-grandma and the pioneers, but with safety in mind. Our tried and true recipes with low sugar, the way jam should be made.

  • How to Test Your Jam & Jelly

    Video #3 Learn how to test your jam and jelly to make sure it will set before taking it off the heat, putting in jars, and processing it. Plus, what to do if it's not setting.
  • ​Sugar Free Jam & Jelly

    Video #4 Learn how to make sugar free jam and jelly​, as in no sweetener or using natural sweeteners like Stevia.
  • ​Fruit Butter

    Video #5 ​Learn how to make fruit butters for canning in this lesson, including how to test if your fruit butter is set and ready to can, flavor variations and options. Get my favorite fruit butter recipes!
  • Homemade Pie Filling

    Video #6 Have homemade pie filling ready to go at a moment's notice, perfect for Holiday baking when you're pushed for time and fruit prices are soaring. Learn the important updated safety information on thickeners in home canned pie filling recipes and the one pie filling you should never can at home.
  • Fruit

    Video #7 Learn how to can fruit using the raw and how pack method, how to use your pressure canner as a water bath canner and how to can fresh fruit using light syrup or water. Get our fruit and processing time guide, including the recipe chart for syrups to can your fruits. 

A BONUS Gift For You......

I wanted to give you an extra gift, because one of the beautiful things about home canned goods is being able to gift them to those we love.  These custom canning labels fit right on the lid. You can write in the date they were made and the contents to help you keep track of your goodies.

But we need options, right? So I've got pre-printed ones and rectangular labels, in case circles just aren't your thing.​

Get instant access to our Home Fruit Preservation Canning e-Course now!

Preserve food for your family that is wholesome, shelf-stable, and know exactly what's inside and more importantly, what's not!

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I'm so sure you'll love our mini Home Fruit Preserving e-course I'm offering a 30-Day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide that preserving your own food without huge amounts of sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, or food dyes isn't for you, I'll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

I can't wait for you to get started filling your Mason jars with the delicious bounty of the season for year round eating. You'll see your pantry shelves growing with wholesome food to feed your family until next harvest season, without the grocery stores.

Here is what to do now...

Quickly start preserving your fruit, both fresh and or frozen, with these 3 easy steps.

  1. Download your recipes, charts, and bonus canning labels.
  2. Watch the tutorials for testing your jam & jelly.
  3. Pick which natural pectin source you'll be using with which fruit for your first no store bought pectin low sugar delight!

Get instant access to our Home Fruit Preservation Canning e-Course now!

Preserve food for your family that is wholesome, shelf-stable, and know exactly what's inside and more importantly, what's not!