Confidently Stock Your Pantry With Home Canned Food Take Control of Your Food Source

Fill your pantry with healthy and SAFELY home canned jars of food without being overwhelmed

Home Canning with Confidence includes:

  • How to fill your pantry with healthy safe home canned jars of food
  • Time saving tips that WON'T affect safety
  • Save money with produce put up in season to enjoy ALL year long
  • Low sugar and no food dye jams, jellies, pie filling, fruits and syrups
  • Ready to go meals in a jar with delicious home canned soups and meats
  • How to know at a glance if a canning recipe is safe
  • Operate your pressure canner like a boss & never fear it exploding
  • Clear understanding of canning science safety

 The Academy & members of this group have literally changed my life.

Before joining this group I didn't can food. Today I have 163 jars of vegetables and jam. I am now getting ready to can beets for the first time. I still have tomatoes growing for sauce and diced tomatoes. Money may be tight but we will not be hungry. It is a blessing to be a member of this group and continue to learn ways to help us be more self sufficient." 

Update: we ended up with over 400 jars at the end of our first season with the Academy!
Cheryl~PTA member

What You Get

Time saving information all in one place. Our simplified course helps you understand the important aspects, save time without sacrificing safety, and helps you stock your pantry like a boss!

Canning Safety



Pressure Canning


  • Canning Equipment & Terminology
  • Canning Safety Rules
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to create an outdoor caning kitchen
  • How to Store Your Jars Correctly
  • How to can salsa safely 
  • How to can tomato sauce (including my quick no peel method)
  • How to can whole & stewed tomatoes
  • Tomato canning recipe e-book
  • How to keep pickles crisp
  • Safe brine and vinegar guidelines for canning
  • What you need to know if using pickling lime
  • Favorite cucumber pickle recipe + asparagus and beans
  • What you need to know about safety
  • Pressure Canner Operation Safety and Confidence Tips
  • How to can vegetables with the raw pack method
  • How to can dried beans (homemade pork and beans)
  • How to make & can broth
  • How to can meat, including smoked salmon
  • How to can combination recipes & homemade soups
  • How to make jams & jellies without tons of sugar & no store bought pectin
  • How to safely can fruit pie filling
  • How to make applesauce & reusable Tattler lids
  • How to can fruit juice & syrup
  • How to make easy fruit butter
  • Our SUGAR FREE jams & jellies

Imagine these 


in your kitchen

What Members Are Saying

Home Canning with Confidence Is The Fast Track & Convenient Way To Learn How To Confidently Can Your Own Food...

Low Sugar Fruit Canning

Our comprehensive library with video tutorials walks you through every step of canning your own food. We share how to can safely with:

  • low sugar jam & jelly recipes
  • no store bought pectin 
  • updated home canned pie filling recipes & techniques
  • light and no sugar fruit
  • fruit syrup
  • and more!

just delicious jams, jellies, fruits, syrups, and pie fillings so you can avoid pesticides and GMO's.

Crisp Shelf-Stable Pickles (ain't no one wanting a soggy pickle)

You can have crunchy home canned pickles, it just takes knowing a few key steps and ingredients. And pickles isn't just for cucumbers, we also share some of our other favorite pickled veggie recipes for asparagus and green beans, including great-grandma's (updated for safety) mustard pickles.

Fast and Easy Meals

Delicious and tender meat ready to put into a salad, heat up with a quick gravy, or served right from the jar to complete a meal.

Home smoked and canned salmon for the best salmon patties you've EVER tasted, ready to eat in a just a few minutes.

Homemade soup without food dye, tons of salt or other preservatives, and no GMO ingredients.

Vegetables ready to make a fast and easy pot pie or easy side dish.

Stock Your Pantry Safely With Home Food Preservation
Know Exactly What's In It & What's Not

I wasted hours searching online for canning, gardening and homesteading advice I could understand and trust. Overwhelmed and intimidated by all of the conflicting information I even questioned whether I had it in me to do this whole “homesteading” thing.

Then I found Melissa and the Pioneering Today Academy and slowly I started to regain my confidence and build my homesteading skills one by one. I especially love the “Home Canning With Confidence” section. I always wanted to learn to can, but was really intimidated. Now I put up hundreds of jars of home-canned food each year and have overcome my fear of pressure canning once and for all!

This has truly been an invaluable resource for me on my homesteading journey!

Anastasia S. from

PTA Member

"I am really appreciating the time and effort Melissa has put into these canning lessons. I have canned for 45 years and so much I didn't know.  Thank you, Melissa! "


PTA Member

Relearning to can SAFELY.

I am loving the canning class, and I REALLY appreciate the canning safety modules. I learned from my mom and grandma, and I'm finding out I need to change some of my practices. Things like how important headspace is, canning low acid foods, what not to water-bath can, and lots of other tidbits have been so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and doing the videos. I think yours are the only ones I've seen that explains why you can't can certain items certain ways.

Kathy~PTA member


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