An Old-Fashioned Homemade Christmas
                                                 Make this Christmas Simple!

Join us for an Old-Fashioned Pioneer Christmas. In this free email series learn:

  • How to make homemade gifts people actually want
  • Homemade decor out of items you most likely have on hand
  • From scratch baking straight from great-grandma's kitchen
  • Supply lists, calendar with timeline for gift making
  • Free printables and more!

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Melissa K. Norris

  • I'll be walking you through my own gift-making time line, recipes, tutorials, and charts so you can have a truly meaningful Christmas filled with hand made gifts for your loved ones.

  • As the author of the Made-from-Scratch Life, host of the Pioneering Today Podcast, blogger at and a 5th generation homesteader, I'm all about making gifts that will nourish my loved ones without breaking the bank or causing more stress.