Grow Your Own Food – Melissa K. Norris

Grow Your Own Food

Learning how to grow your own food at home is an amazing thing. There’s nothing like stepping outside your back door and picking your groceries straight from the garden.

There are so many reasons to get excited about growing your own food. It’s frugal. That alone is reason enough because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to shave a little bit more off their grocery bill, right?Resources for growing your own food

I encourage everyone to grow at least one thing themselves. No matter where you live, you can grow at least one thing, apartment homesteader, I’m talking to you.


Learning to Grow an Heirloom Garden


10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Food

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How to start seeds indoors

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Small Space Gardening

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How to Grow Fruit

How to Grow Fruit Trees

When and How to Plant Fruit Trees

How to Plant Strawberries

How to Prune Raspberries

How to Tie and Trellis Raspberries

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How to Raise Livestock

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10 Tips on Raising Meat Chickens

How to Butcher Chickens at Home

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Raising Your Own Grass Fed Beef

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