Clearing Out the Clutter Podcast – Melissa K. Norris

Clearing Out the Clutter Podcast

By Melissa Norris | Homestead Life

Jan 17

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Tips for clearing out the clutter in our lives and our homes

Do you struggle with clutter and keeping your house and life orderly? It’s easy to let things go, but this can lead to stress. In today’s episode we’ll discuss:

  • Why short fixes don’t work
  • How to get to the root of the real problem
  • Why simply cleaning up the mess won’t solve the problem
  • How to clear out the clutter
  • Deciding what to keep
  • Steps to keep the clutter gone for good
  • What to do with the clutter you’re getting rid of

Resources: TheProject333 (How to revamp your closet using only 33 items for 3 months), Does Your Life Feel Unbalanced (link to Tricia’s book found here)

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Melissa K. Norris inspires people's faith and pioneer roots with her books, podcast, and blog. Melissa lives with her husband and two children in their own little house in the big woods in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. When she's not wrangling chickens and cattle, you can find her stuffing Mason jars with homegrown food and playing with flour and sugar in the kitchen.

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