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Jul 31

Pioneering Today-Bread & Butter Refrigerator Pickle Recipe

By Melissa Norris | Canning , Canning , Food Preservation , Pickles , Recipes , Water Bath

Our little homestead is producing gangbusters right now. I’ve already put up strawberry, cherry, and raspberry jelly. The blueberries are kicking in and so are the veggies. I’ve got cucumbers coming on strong. One of the great things about having our own vegetables is I can go shopping for dinner for free in the backyard. […]

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Jun 27

Pioneering Today-How to Make Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

By Melissa Norris | Canning , Canning , Food Preservation , Fruit, Jam and Jelly , Recipes , Water Bath

There is something about a row of strawberry jam that makes me smile and makes me think of Christmas. You don’t think the same thing? When my husband and I were first married, every year, his grandmother would give us a large box of homemade goodies for Christmas. It included popcorn balls, fudge, pickled cauliflower […]

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