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Sep 20

5 Reasons Dehydrated Food is a Preparedness Must & 5 Tips for Dehydrating at Home

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Pioneering Today , Preserving the Harvest

Dehydrating food is an excellent way to preserve your food, build your own pantry, cut down on your food bill, and up your preparedness level. In fact, dehydrating could be called the prepper and survivalists top food preservation mode.   Benefits of Dehydrated Food for Storage Removing the moisture from food allows it to store […]

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Sep 01

6 Canning Myths You Must Know

By Melissa Norris | Preserving the Harvest

 FREE Syrup Canning ChartControl the amount of sugar in your home canned fruit with our easy chart.Ratio for ultra-light syrup, light, medium-light, medium and using honey.Amount of syrup for how many jars for quick calculationGET INSTANT ACCESS I love canning, in fact, I maybe addicted to stuffing food into Mason jars to line my home pantry […]

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Jul 02

Podcast #58 10 Traditional Jam Making Troubleshooting Tips Part 2

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Pioneering Today , Podcast , Preserving the Harvest

Making homemade jam and jelly at home is something every homesteader should know how to do. It helps preserve our fruit for year round eating, doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup or other icks in store bought varieties, it’s frugal (especially when you grow the fruit yourself) and most importantly, it plain tastes amazing. Because […]

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May 29

How to Can Rhubarb- 3 Ways to Preserve Rhubarb

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Podcast , Preserving the Harvest , Recipes

Preserving rhubarb is one of my favorite spring forays, especially canning rhubarb. In today’s podcast we’ll talk spring canning recipes and three ways to preserve rhubarb.  I post new episodes every Friday morning. You can subscribe via RSS and receive every episode for free. Or subscribe via Itunes  Learning to live more frugally and more self-sustainable […]

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