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Sep 30

11 Ways to Preserve Apples at Home

By Melissa Norris | Canning Recipes , Dehydrating , Fermenting , Food Preservation , Food Preservation - Canning , Food Preservation - Other , Fruit, Jam and Jelly , Recipes , Water Bath

11 ways to preserve apples at home, because one should never have to pay full price at the grocery store and apples are so delicious, we need them year round, am I right? We’ve all heard the saying an apple day keeps the doctor away, but my apples don’t grow all year round. Our goal […]

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Sep 18

Building a Great Depression Era Pantry

By Melissa Norris | Food Preservation , Food Preservation - Other , Frugal Living , Homestead-Life , Lifestyle , Podcast

Photo of two tin coffee mugs, three wooden spoons and a tin tea pot with text overlay that says,

During the Great Depression people lived on extremely frugal budgets. My father was raised during the Great Depression and it shaped the way he brought us up and lives today. Learning from those who have lived through hard times and their lessons is important. I share his tips and how to create a Great Depression […]

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