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Apr 27

Strawberry Jam Recipe without Pectin and Low Sugar

By Melissa Norris | Canning , Canning , Food Preservation , Fruit, Jam and Jelly , Recipes , Water Bath

Every home needs an easy strawberry jam recipe without pectin (specifically store bought pectin) and low sugar. Because I’m a firm believe your jam shouldn’t have more sugar than it does fruit. Like any pioneer woman, the beginning of summer marks jam and jelly season on our homestead. Fingers are sure to be stained with […]

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Oct 13

Fermented Pickle Recipe Old-fashioned Saltwater Brine Pickles

By Melissa Norris | Fermenting , Food Preservation , Healthy Snacks , Miscellaneous , Podcast , Recipes

Fermented pickles are really just old-fashioned salt and water pickles, something your great-grandma knew how to make and had barrels full of fermenting pickles in a crock. They have a trendy name today as fermented foods are quickly becoming popular again, but they’re really the same thing as a salt water brine pickles. Fermented foods […]

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