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Jan 11

Simplifying Your Life

By Melissa Norris | Homestead Life , Lifestyle

  One thing our pioneer forefathers and mothers didn’t have to worry about was downsizing their possessions or finding organizers for all their stuff. This time of year, a lot of focus is on new starts and getting organized, with the thought it will make your life simpler and better. Most pioneer families only had […]

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Jan 08

How God Used an Addict to Convict Me

By Melissa Norris | Other

I’m going to share something gritty, real, and raw about my life with you. My older brother is a life long drug addict. He’s been in and out of rehab and jail multiple times. He’s lost his job and his house. I have held hope that each time he’s really kicked the habit. And each […]

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Jan 02

Three Ways to Grow Closer to God

By Melissa Norris | Other

Do you make New Year resolutions and goals? Many of want to become more organized, thinner, healthier, happier, and the list goes on. No matter what your goal, you have to implement a plan or steps to get you to your end goal. If you say you want to run a 5K marathon, but don’t […]

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Dec 28

Turkey and Dumplings Recipe

By Melissa Norris | Main Dish , Recipes

After Christmas dinner, many of us have leftover turkey or chicken. I actually had deboned my turkey after Thanksgiving and froze a bag of cubed meat. While writing a scene in my novel, my heroine made turkey and dumplings and my mouth started watering. So here’s today’s post and recipe. Turkey and Dumplings 1 to […]

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Dec 21

How to Make a Fingerprint Pendant

By Melissa Norris | Crafts , Homestead Life

After viewing this post on Sarah Ortega’s blog, I had to try this fingerprint pendant for myself. In fact, it inspired this post Seeing God’s Fingerprints In Your Life. Her directions are great, but I wanted to use both my children’s fingerprints for the same necklace. Use oven-bake clay, I bought Sculpey brand at Michaels in […]

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